The CFA Judging Panel

School teachers, executives, blue collar workers, doctors and lawyers during the week, CFA judges are masters of their second craft on weekends – where they are regularly in touch with the finest pedigreed cats in the fancy.

The CFA Judging Panel is recognized around the world for their knowledge and professionalism. Our judges are in demand not only for our own CFA clubs both here and abroad, but as guest judges for other affiliations internationally. As CFA continues to grow, so does the judging program.

Our judges have all had experience as breeders/exhibitors, and are thoroughly knowledgeable about the standards of all breeds of cats. Those applying to the judging program are expected to have bred and exhibited cats of quality, and should possess a good “eye” which is necessary to evaluate the competition. A solid foundation in the knowledge of breeds is a must prior to applying to the program.

Judging Program Trainees work with our licensed judges at shows to gain experience in the handling and evaluation of cats, as well as ring mechanics and presentation. Advancement within the Judging Program is solely at the discretion of the CFA Board of Directors.

In even numbered years, all CFA judges (whether their status in the Judging Program is approved, approval pending, apprentice or trainee) are required to write an extremely comprehensive exam regarding show rules and breed standards. This will ensure that our judges are thoroughly familiar with any recent changes that have been made in the CFA Show Rules.

Judges’ seminars are held in conjunction with the CFA Annual Meeting in June of each year. Two or three breeds are chosen by the judging panel,and an in-depth presentation by the breed council produces valuable insight into the standards of each breed, including tips on handling the different types of breeds.

The CFA Breed Awareness and Orientation School will help persons interested in the judging program learn more about the protocols, mechanics, breed platforms and judging techniques required to become a CFA judge.