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Breed Awareness & Orientation Schools

The CFA Breed Awareness and Orientation Schools are held several times a year, including in conjunction with the CFA National Show, throughout the regions of CFA.

The CFA Breed Awareness & Orientation School is open to anyone who may someday plan to apply to the CFA Judging Program, as well as those serious CFA breeders who may desire a better understanding of the judging process and the other recognized breeds with which they do not work.

The school curriculum usually includes items such as:

  • Applying to the CFA Judging Program
  • Getting Started/How To Be a Good Trainee
  • Welcome to the Glamorous World of Judging—Ethics and Etiquette
  • Condition, Standards and Structure
  • Judging and Handling
  • The Psychology of Judging
  • Colors and Patterns in the Pedigreed Cat
  • SH Breeds
  • LH Breeds
  • Handling Sessions

Upcoming Schools:

Annual Judges Seminar

The CFA Judges’ Seminar is held annually in conjunction with the CFA Annual Meeting. This assures that these important events are presented throughout the continental regions of CFA.

The Judges’ Seminar provides practical, hands-on training to assist continued honing of the skills of the outstanding panel of CFA Judges. This compliments the written examinination which is only given in even numbered calendar years. The Seminar provides judges a rare opportunity to meet in a large group to discuss specific standards of those selected breeds being presented by members of the designated Breed Council. The presence of cats of the breeds being discussed allows for an actual demonstration of the fine points of the Breed Standard as well as handling techniques.

Each breed presentation is accompanied by a booklet which covers, through both text and pictures, the nuances of each breed Standard. Judges in attendance are given copies of these materials. Those judges who are unable to attend are mailed copies to assure that all information is available to the entire panel of CFA judges.

CFA Judges Continuing Education

The CFA Board of Directors has passed a motion that starting May 1, 2011, all trainees and judges must accrue twelve (12) CEU’s over a five (5) year period to continue to be licensed as a CFA Judge.

The links below will provide answers to some common questions, as well as forms to be used in the process.

Judging Topics
Breed Presentations
Longhair Breeds
Shorthair Breeds