The CFA International Top Cat Challenge is a series of virtual cat competitions sponsored by CFA and the regions who choose to help spread the love of our hobby online during these unprecedented times.

There are regional virtual qualifying events currently underway, and the culmination of the series is the International show, in which cats that have qualified (by entering the regional qualifiers) will be invited to enter the International.


january, 2021


Cats who finish in the top 10 in their classes at the regional level will receive $2 off their entry into the International, and cats that are best in their class at the regional level receive a free entry. The regions have many other amazing prizes available also that have been
donated to them by their regional exhibitors and clubs. There is also a video only portion to the International that does not require qualification, wherein you create a 30 second video of you handling your cat mimicking the way a judge would. Here is a great example of how to make a video submission for a Virtual Cat Competition!

There will be 8 judges for the photo (invitational) event, and 8 judges for the video event. There will also be several fun rings judged by CFA celebrities. The proceeds of this event will be donated to the WINN Feline Foundation.

We hope you will enter and join in on the fun!

All competitions can be viewed at and on Facebook at

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