Entering a Show


Form Submission


You may use the official CFA Online Entry Form for any licensed show. After submission, it is wise to email the entry clerk after submitting the entries to confirm that they have received them all. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to make sure that the entry clerk has received their entry information.


Why is all this information needed about my cat?

The information provided on the entry form determines the color class in which your cat will compete. If the color class number is blank, the entry clerk will use the breed, color and sex information on the entry form to determine the color class number. These details must be correct so that the information in show catalog and the judges book is right, thus making sure that your cat is judged along with other cats in the same color class, i.e. of the same breed and color grouping. It is very important that your cat be entered in the correct color class at a show.


What does an entry look like in a show catalog?

The information on the entry form is entered into a database which is used to generate the show catalog. Each cat entered in the show is listed in the catalog. An entry will look like this in the show catalog:

                                   AA   BB   CC   DD   EE   FF

              Class 270 - Chocolate Point Male

JAY'S JOHN BOY                178. ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
0270-0001698  3/4/97          CH
Jay's Johnson x 
Jay's Chocolate Lass 
Br/Ow: Maggie Jones (6)

The line with “AA BB CC DD EE FF” indicates the initials of the judge in each ring.

The next line is the BREED, which is followed by the CLASS NUMBER, COLOR and SEX.

The NAME of the cat is shown on the same line as the ENTRY NUMBER and a space to mark awards received in each ring.




The BREEDER and OWNER name, followed by the numerical REGION OF RESIDENCE.

What if the information in the catalog is wrong?

Not to worry! While it is extremely important that the NAME of the cat, the REGISTRATION NUMBER, the BIRTHDATE and the NAME OF OWNER be exactly as shown on the Certificate of Registration for the cat, corrections can be made at the show. If an error has been made in the catalog information, you MUST see the Master Clerk at the show and complete a CATALOG CORRECTION form. Note that the REGION OF RESIDENCE must also be correct for scoring purposes.

What about corrections to the Sire, Dam and Breeder name?

The Master Clerk is most likely using a condensed show catalog which contains only an entry’s name, registration number, color description, entry number, birthdate, region of residence, and owner’s name – the sire, dam and breeder are not included. Corrections to the sire, dam and breeder are not necessary.

How do I mark awards in the show catalog?

The ribbon awards such as first, second and third are recorded above the line simply by denoting 1, 2 or 3. If the cat is awarded no ribbon, a dash is simply put in the space. Best of Color and Second Best of Color awards are recorded below the line, as B or 2B. Merit Awards for Household Pets are recorded above the line as MA. For example:

                                   AA   BB   CC   DD   EE   FF

              Class 270 - Chocolate Point Male

JAY'S JOHN BOY                178. _1_  _2_  _3_  _-_  ___  ___
0270-0001698  3/4/97          CH    B    2B                  
Jay's Chocolate Lass 
Jay's Johnson.
Br/Ow: Maggie Jones (6)


What is printed in the Judges’ Book?

The Judges’ Book contains a limited amount of information about each entry listed in the show catalog: Color Class Number, Breed, Color Description, Sex (Males are printed on the left side, females on the right), Entry Number, Age in Years and Months, and the Class Entered. For example, the above entry will appear simply as follows in the judges book:

         178          2/10         CH