About the Korat

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The Korat was discovered in Ampur Pimai of the Korat province in Thailand. The earliest known record of the Korat appears in The Cat-Book of Poems or Smud Khoi of Cats, produced some time during the Ayudhya Period of Siamese History (1350-1767). This book presents the seventeen “good luck” cats of Thailand, including the Korat, and is presently located at Bangkok’s National Library.

KoratThe Korat has a unique color, defined as silver-tipped blue, which gives it a shimmering shine. The color appears to absorb light, giving a “halo” effect. It is a short, single and close-lying coat. Their hair does not float off when they are stroked or petted, so most people with allergies to cat hair find their proximity tolerable. The roots are lighter with color increasing in shade up the shaft to a deeper blue until it reaches the tips, which are silver. The silver tipping is more prevalent on the muzzle and toes. The Korat only comes in the silvertipped blue color.

The Korat has a unique head structure that is based off of a “heart shape.” There are a total of five hearts associated with the Korat. The head contains three of these heart-shapes: looking straight on at the Korat, you see the Valentine-shaped heart of the head. The second heart is found by looking down over the top of the Korat’s head, and the third heart associated with the head is the nose. The fourth heart can be found in the muscular area of the chest when the cat is in a sitting position. But the most commonly forgotten heart is the one inside the cat! As the Korat matures, the heart shapes become more prominent.

KoratThe Korat’s body is semi-cobby, with a tapering at the waist. They do not appear to have much weight but are surprisingly hefty. The feeling is that of a well-coiled spring! The bulk of the weight is carried towards the front through rounded, well-developed, muscular shoulders. The neck is fairly short and heavy, connecting to a broad chest, with the shoulders somewhat wider than the chest.

Korats have extraordinary powers of hearing, sight and scent. They form strong bonds with their owners and respond warmly to cuddling, sitting as close as possible. They are very active in play but gentle with children.

The Korat is possibly the cat in the fancy that most closely resembles its original look – more than any other breed. Comparing a Korat from the earliest pictures to one from today, one finds little to no difference in the cats. For more information, please contact the Breed Council Secretary for this breed.