Frequently Asked Questions:


CFA is strictly a registering service and does not “license”, “register”, or endorse individual catteries. CFA does register cattery *names*, but not the actual cattery itself. Licenses which may be required for your cattery will be stipulated in your local bylaws.

You can verify whether your desired cattery name is available online

You can apply to register your cattery name online, OR as a PDF form OR as a three part NCR form which can be mailed to you. Please email your request for the NCR form, including a postal mailing address, to Erica Minich.

The application fee is $75.00. You must renew your cattery name every five (5) years. The current renewal fee is $25.00.


  • There is a maximum limit of twelve (12) characters, including any spaces, on cattery names.
  • The availability of a cattery name does not *guarantee* the name will be officially registered with CFA. The formal review process of a cattery name is a detailed process. Therefore, it is advisable to wait until the name you have chosen is actually registered with CFA prior to having any marketing collateral materials produced with the cattery name (e.g. business cards or stationary).
  • CFA cannot “hold” a cattery name pending the receipt of a cattery name application.

A cattery name may be changed if the name has not been used and if the change occurs within six (6) months of the issue date. A correction fee of $10.00 applies. The original certificate must be submitted the request for change and the additional correction fee. If the cattery name is already in use, a new cattery application for an additional cattery name must be submitted with the cattery application fee of $75.00. The previously registered cattery name will also stay in effect.

The fee for this service is always the same as the current cattery name application fee. The fee to add an owner to an existing cattery name is $75.00.

For cattery names registered prior to 1988:
Along with the fee, you would need to send CFA a letter signed by the current owner stating the name and address of the new owner who is being added.

For cattery names registered after 1988:
A new cattery name application form must be completed and submitted to CFA along with the fee.

In order to remove a name from the ownership of a registered cattery name, CFA will need the person whose name is being removed to sign a statement that s/he wishes to have his/her name removed. The fee is $15.00.

Yes, ownership of a cattery name can be transferred to another individual. The fee is $75.00 and would accompany a letter verifying transfer of ownership. CFA needs a signed letter from the registered cattery name owner stating to whom they are transferring the name. The new owner will need to sign the same letter agreeing to the registration of the cattery name.

Many things must be taken into consideration when designing this important space. Additional information can be found in our “Designing A Cattery” article

A cattery environment inspection program exists for catteries whose names are registered with The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. (CFA).

The Cattery Inspection program is voluntary. The cattery inspections are conducted by licensed veterinarians, using criteria established by CFA. The inspection and approval process encompasses the environmental conditions of the cattery. Briefly, the breeder arranges for a licensed veterinarian to inspect their cattery completing an inspection form which CFA provides. The form is then forwarded to CFA by the veterinarian.

The Approved Cattery Environment Program (ACEP) has two tiers: “CFA Approved Cattery” and “CFA Cattery of Excellence”. Any designation the breeder might receive, either a “Cattery of Excellence” or “Approved Cattery”, is good for only one year. The breeder then needs to have the cattery re-inspected. Read more…

The form is a multi-part NCR form that will be mailed on request. Please send your request to Amber Goodright, and be sure to include your mailing address.

Catteries registered with The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) producing 75 or more kittens per year are required by CFA to undergo an annual veterinary inspection in order to ensure continued compliance with CFA’s minimum cattery standards. We run the numbers every six months and for this period you have reached or surpassed this number of kittens. This figure is based on the number of kittens declared in the litters registered by your cattery in any given year. You may designate any licensed veterinarian to complete your inspection. The veterinarian’s fee for this inspection is your responsibility. Please have the veterinarian mail the completed inspection form to the CFA Central Office along with our check or money order for $20.00 made out to CFA for the cattery inspection program. Your cattery inspection certificate will be issued and mailed to you once the inspection has been accepted and logged.

In those cases involving multiple owners at different locations, or lease agreements requiring litters to be registered under one cattery name, the cattery and the location specified in the address of this letter is to be inspected. It is the policy of the CFA Board of Directors that catteries not complying with the mandatory inspection policy will have CFA services suspended until the cattery inspection has been completed. If the inspection is not completed within the 30 days you will be temporarily suspended and the non compliance policy will apply.

Non-Compliance Policy

1. If the inspection is not completed within the original 30 days but it is completed within 90 days (up to 60 days late) and the results are deemed satisfactory by the Animal Welfare Chairperson, their services may be restored upon payment to CFA of a $100.00 processing fee.

2. If the inspection is not completed within 90 days, but it is completed within 150 days (120 days late) and the results are deemed satisfactory, their services may be restored upon payment to CFA of a $200.00 processing fee.

3. If the inspection is not completed within 150 days of the demand (120 days late) the matter will be presented to the CFA Board at their next meeting and, if confirmed by the Board, published in the Almanac and on the CFA web site. (Board approved policy 10/7/06)

Suspension of Services Explanation
Until services are reinstated to you, you will be disallowed from participating in any C.F.A. activity which is defined as utilizing CFA’s registry services, acting in any capacity at a show or entering or presenting cats in a show ring or participating in a clerking school, participating in Breed Council, or as a delegate at the Annual Meeting. We will allow purchases of the Yearbook and Almanac, and other publication type items C.F.A. offers for sale (video, books, etc.). However, you will not be allowed to advertise in any CFA publication. You may remain a member of a member club.