Registration via Pedigree

Registration by Pedigree Form:  PDF / Online Form

Under certain circumstances, a cat registered with another recognized association may be eligible for CFA registration without prior CFA litter registration by the breeder. Application for registration can be made via certified pedigree from an approved organization with the appropriate number of generations included with the application*

NOTE: these rules apply only to cats being transferred to CFA from other associations/registries recognized by CFA. To obtain registration for cats eligible under this policy, a 5-generation certified pedigree (see Note below for exceptions to the 5-generation requirement), issued by the registrar of the association in which the cat is currently registered, must be submitted for CFA files, either by mail or email. A 5-generation certified pedigree includes the cat to be registered plus five generations of background. A 4-generation certified pedigree includes the cat to be registered plus four generations of background. Pedigrees used for this type of registration will only be accepted from previously approved registration associations (see Note below). Photocopies and emailed copies of the certified documents will be accepted as long as they are clear and complete and CFA can determine from the data provided that the pedigree is certified. Keep the original documents for your files.

Whenever possible, the cat name issued at the time of CFA registration will be the same as the name assigned to the cat when it was originally registered (as printed on the pedigree). Except for the use of the breeder’s CFA-registered cattery name and for the addition of the new owner’s cattery suffix where applicable, signed permission of the cat’s breeder would be required for us to make any changes to the name. CFA Rules for Registration would apply with regard to the allowable length of cat name and with regard to the use of any cattery name registered with CFA in the name of the cat’s breeder.

NOTE: Pedigrees from selected associations are accepted for registration purposes as long as the pedigree is certified (signed by the registrar and/or stamped with an association seal), provides all required information, and contains the required number of generations of background required by the breed to be registered. Required information includes the name, color (or color code), and registration number for all cats in the background. The breed and colors of those background cats must conform to CFA requirements for the particular breed of cat being registered. If you are not sure whether a particular association’s pedigree will be accepted, contact Central office with the name and location of the association before purchasing the cat and/or the pedigree.

If a pedigree cannot be obtained from the current association that includes all of the required number of generations of background needed to register that particular breed, CFA will accept more than one certified pedigree in order to obtain the required documentation. We will accept a certified pedigree or a photocopy of the registration certificate for the subject cat plus certified pedigrees for each of the parents (or for cats further back in the pedigree as needed).

RECORDED CATS: Cats may be individually recorded for breeding purposes only, not for showing. The requirements for recording are identical to those for individual registration via pedigree, except that one less generation of ancestry is required. Recorded cats may not be shown at CFA shows. This may be a viable option for the cat which has only a 4- generation pedigree.

AOV (Any Other Variety) REGISTRATIONS: In certain instances, a cat’s background (colors and/or breeds) may cause the cat to be registered in CFA as a different breed than what is currently listed as the breed in another cat registry. For example, a cat registered as a Siamese in another registry but whose pedigree reflects colors/breeds in the background that CFA does not accept for registration in the Siamese breed, will be registered in CFA under a breed other than Siamese.

NOTE: Certain breeds require certified pedigrees for a specific number of generations.  Please reference Article 1, Section 3 of the current Rules for Registration for the most current requirements.

Titles and awards won in other associations will not be recorded or shown on CFA records.

To determine if your non-CFA registered cat can be registered with us, please mail or email at least a 4-generation pedigree for the cat you wish to register and include a note requesting registration information. For initial review purposes, the pedigree need not be certified and it may be a photocopy. Please be aware that an official registry certified pedigree may later be required in order to apply for the actual registration process with CFA once the cat has been determined to be eligible for registration via pedigree.

For the review purposes only, the pedigree information may be obtained from the breeder of the cat or from the association in which the cat is now registered. The pedigree must include cat names, registration numbers and colors (or breed/color codes) for all cats in the pedigree. If you do not have any pedigree information available and it is necessary for you to purchase a certified pedigree from the registry in which the cat is currently registered, please be aware that, although CFA only needs to see the first 4 generations for review purposes, further generations may be required to complete the actual registration process. If applicable, you can ask the registry association for their fees for upgrading a certified pedigree to 5 or 8 generations from the 4 generations that were originally purchased.

Mail or email to CFA a photocopy of the pedigree for the cat you wish to register and a photocopy of the cat’s registration certificate from the association in which the cat is currently registered. Include a letter requesting registration information. The pedigree will be reviewed and either returned to you or we will contact you by email with further instructions. There is a $25 fee for this review process. Fees for actual registration will be explained in the return correspondence, which will also include any forms you will need to complete the cat’s CFA registration.

If it is determined the cat can be registered in CFA using a certified pedigree, the fee to register a cat via pedigree is $40.00. If your cat cannot be registered with CFA, CFA will retain $25.00 of the $40.00 fee. CFA accepts credit cards for payment of all services. If paying by card, please include:

  • Credit card number:
  • Expiration date:
  • CVV number (Three numbers on back of card for VISA & MC or four numbers on front of card for AE):
  • Name of person on card:
  • Billing Address of card owner
  • Street:
  • Country:

Please allow 15-30 business days for processing of the registration once application and payment have been received in this office. Instructions should be included indicating the name(s) to be listed as owner and the postal mailing address to be printed on the cat’s certificate for mailing.

If you already have a certified pedigree for your cat as issued by the current association, please mail or email a photocopy of the pedigree to CFA Central Office along with your request to have the cat registered. We suggest that, if at all possible, applications for registration by submitted via email or mail rather than by fax, which is often difficult to read when printed. Keep the original for your files. Include the $40.00 fee. When applying for registration using a certified pedigree from another association, please use our Registration via Pedigree Form. Be sure to include (via an enclosed letter or email) any additions or changes you want to make, including cattery suffix addition and owner name(s) and address. If the CFA Registration Department can register the cat using the documents received, it will do so. If the Registration Department cannot register your cat, they will return your application less the $25 processing fee, with further instructions. If you submit via email, the Registration Department will reply back to you via email. This type of registration application cannot be submitted using CFA’s online registration service. Please send all documents to:

CFA – ATTN: Registration via Pedigree
260 East Main Street
Alliance, OH 44601
Phone: 330-680-4070
Fax: 330-680-4633