Regional Show Schedulers

Before scheduling a show with the Central Office, clubs should first contact their Regional Show coordinator:

Show Scheduling Committee for Regions 1-7:

All show scheduling will now be handled by Pam Moser ( / 503-806-2422) and Mary Auth ( / 217-840-0449). Please contact them about any show schedule changes or new show dates.

The following will be the criteria for show dates.

Process to maintain and establish traditional and new show dates:

  1. There is an existing inventory of shows that have had traditional dates at one location for a number of years (more than 2).
  2. There are shows that have established new traditional show dates by occurring on the same date and the same location for two years.
  3. Continue with the 500 mile show rule for show conflicts.
  4. Traditional show dates will be given priority over new clubs asking for same weekend.
  5. Show schedule committee will:
    • If conflict arises between clubs, show scheduler will resolve. If unable to resolve show scheduling committee will approach Regional Director for input/assistance.
    • Approve shows moving more than 75 miles from traditional location.
    • Will not limit the number of shows, that can be held on any one weekend.
    • Maintain a current inventory of show dates.
  6. Make two calendars to keep track of ongoing changes. (traditional dates and all shows in each Region)
  7. Calendar to be updated on a bi-monthly basis.
  8. Calendar to be placed in a visible area on website, to include show schedulers names, email addresses and phone numbers.
  9. Show schedulers have the final say of what dates are approved.
  10. Regional Directors and clubs have the right to take all disputes to the board for final ruling.

Question or comments? Contact the show scheduling committee Pam Moser or Mary Auth

Japan Region (8)

Kumiko Taniguchi

Europe Region (9)

Cristiano Perrillo Marcone

International Division (Asia/Latin America)

Nadia Jaffar