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As a valued family member of the cat fancy, your safety and well being are CFA’s top priority. With the continued news around coronavirus (COVID-19), beginning on Monday, March 16, all shows through July were cancelled.  For show dates after that, it will be determined by the individual clubs whether the local laws will allow for a show to be possible, and whether to put on a show – some areas of the world may have shows sooner than others.

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September 21-October 11, 2020 Virtual Event Great Lakes Regional Qualifier Virtual Event Online Event
September 26, 2020 Cat Show Persian & Exotic Cat Club New Territories, Hong Kong
October 3-4, 2020 Online Event Zoom Webinar: CFA October Board Meeting Online Meeting
October 15, 2020 Online Event Webinar: Conquering Upper Respiratory Infections in Kittens Online Webinar
October 18, 2020 Cat Show Sherwood Manx Club Ylojarvi, Finland