Please read before you begin the process to register a litter online. The Owner of the Dam is considered to be the breeder of a litter, and all litter applications must be initiated by the owner of the Dam (exception is if the dam is leased). For litters registered within 4 months of the birth date, the early bird litter registration fee will apply; after 4 months, the regular fee will apply.   Please reference our price list for the most current fee information. What you must have before you start:
  • A FREE eCat user account with CFA. Note: if you already have a user account for, please follow these instructions, rather than signing up for a brand-new account
  • A breeder number or a cattery name registration number. If you do not have one, stop now. You must register your litter by mail.
What you must have in order to register a litter online:
  • Sire’s registration number & the date his registration certificate was issued (found on Certificate of Registration)
  • Dam’s registration number & the date her registration certificate was issued (found on Certificate of Registration)
  • Your credit card information
Please note: If you do not own the sire as well as the dam, you must provide the name and email address of the owner of the sire. An email will be sent to this person. After the sire’s owner has responded, you will be notified via email, and the litter application will proceed. If the owner of the sire does not have an email address, stop now. You will have to submit the litter application by regular mail. Logon to the CFA eCat online services, and from the top menu bar, click on “Manage Registration”, then “Add/View Litter Registration” To register a litter online, click the “Add New Litter” button, and then:
  • Enter the sire’s registration number and the date his registration certificate was issued.
  • Enter the dam’s registration number and the date her registration certificate was issued. The owner(s) of the dam will be considered the breeder of this litter.
  • If the dam was leased at mating time, check the ‘Dam is leased’ box, and supply the lessee’s name when the field appears on the screen.
  • Enter the birth date of the litter
  • Enter the number of living kittens (total of male & female). You may opt to prepay kitten registrations (a yellow slip will be issued instead of a blue slip).
  • Enter your Breeder/Cattery No. and (optional) Co-Breeder/Cattery No. of co-breeder of this litter.  Note – if you are a new breeder and do not have a CFA-issued breeder/cattery number, you must submit your litter application by mail.
  • Review your information – make any corrections that may be necessary.
  • Once you have determined all is correct, check the box indicating that all the information is accurate, then ‘Submit’. By checking the box and submitting the information, you certify that the information is true and accurate, to the best of your knowledge. This takes the place of your signature, and is legally binding.
  • CFA will automatically verify the information you have entered and you will be given the opportunity to edit it. Once the data is complete and accurate, choose ‘Add to Cart’.
  • You may enter multiple litter applications at any given time
  • When all have been entered and verified and added to the cart, select ‘Check Out’ and enter your credit card information. Upon acceptance of your credit card, CFA will post the litters to our registration database. You will receive an email notification of same.
Please note: The online registration system will send an email to the sire’s owner, if different from dam. The litter will be pending until the sire’s owner replies. Printing of Certificates, Blue & yellow slips: CFA will prepare a PDF document for each litter processed, as well as PDF copies of blue slips, or yellow slips, for each kitten reported. These PDF files will be accessible from the “Manage Litter Registrations” link under the “Manage Registrations” menu item. Use the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print your documents. Color printers are preferred, but not required.