CFA Logo Usage and Link Buttons

The CFA Logo Committee was formed to help protect CFA from liability when the CFA logo is used. The following are guidelines for the use of the logo:

  • The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) logo is a registered trademark, the exclusive property of CFA, and may only be used for official CFA business by the CFA Central Office, members of the board of directors, members clubs and committees or affiliate associations as authorized by the CFA Board of Directors, and in accordance with the CFA Constitution.
  • CFA official business is defined as activities appropriate and necessary for the operation and promotion of CFA, as defined by the constitution, bylaws and show rules.
  • Any use of the logo for any other purpose, to include commercial purposes, other than those previously specified, is prohibited unless written permission is obtained prior to use from the CFA Board of Directors. Such unauthorized use will subject the user, whether an individual, social organization or business, to CFA disciplinary action and all profits from such use shall be transferred to CFA.
    The CFA logo may be used by CFA clubs for the club stationary and show fliers. A club may be authorized to use this logo for pins and promotional items used in conjunction with their show or a CFA Annual Meeting; however, a license agreement must be signed by the vendor supplying these items and approved by CFA prior to manufacturing any item. In most cases outlined above, there will be no charge to the club or vendor.

The use of the CFA logo for commercial purposes such as jewelry, T-shirts or other wearing apparel must be pre-approved by CFA and a license agreement must be signed and approved prior to production of any item displaying the CFA logo. For a copy of a license agreement, please send your name and address to

If there is any question pertaining to the use of the CFA logo, please contact CFA

We have developed a series of buttons and banners that can be downloaded and placed on any web site as a link back to the CFA site at Please feel free to download and use any of the following buttons.

Looking for larger logos for show fliers, etc? Check here: Club Media Kit and Publicity Guide

Logo Parameters

  • Buttons and banners must be used as provided – no changes may be made to text or colors.
  • Buttons and banners may not be resized.
  • Buttons and banners should be downloaded and placed on your web site, and should link to Please add BORDER=”0″ to your HTML code for the image file you use.
  • If you choose to use the Approved Cattery or Cattery of Excellence banner your cattery status MUST be current in the CFA Cattery Inspection Program in order to display the button on your web site.
  • If you choose to use the Breed Council Member banner your Breed Council membership MUST be current.

Please note: Download and placement of the CFA logo image file on your web site constitutes an automatic acceptance and agreement in principle to the following:

If I choose to use the trademark of The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. (CFA) in connection with an Internet web page, I acknowledge that CFA has not, and does not endorse any product or service that I provide, not any opinion that I hold, not statement(s) that I may express, and I agree fully to indemnify and defend CFA, and its officers, directors, and agents from and against all claims, demands, causes or action or proceedings of any nature whatsoever, in whatever forum or venue any such matters may be brought, judicial or otherwise, arising or allegedly arising in any way out from my products, services, opinions or statements, or out of my use of said trademark. I agree further that my obligation to defend, includes, without limitation, paying for all expenses associated with any such defense, including attorneys’ fees and costs, and extends to such expenses incurred prior to the commencement of formal proceedings in an attempt to avoid such formal proceedings. If I fail adequately to provide any such defense, CFA, may, at its option do so for me, and I agree promptly to reimburse CFA for expenses so incurred.

If there is any question pertaining to the use of the CFA logo, please contact CFA