New Club Applicants

New Club Application Instructions

The following clubs have applied for CFA membership and will be considered at the February 5-6, 2022 Board Meeting. Anyone wishing to submit comments regarding an applicant should do so in writing and send the comments to reach Committee Chair Carol Krzanowski no later than January 20, 2022.

As stated in the CFA Constitution – Article III – Membership, Section 3 – Election to Membership: “If negative information is submitted regarding the applicant, the information will be provided to the applicant with enough time for the applicant to prepare a written rebuttal prior to board consideration.”

Exotics Fans Club
President: Luk Chun Lap (Alex Luk)
Secretary: Leung Man Yee Gloria
Location: Ma On Shan, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Cats
President: Leung Man Yee, Gloria
Secretary: Luk Chun Lap (Alex Luk)
Location: Kowloon, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Devon Rex Society
President: Andy Yeung
Secretary: Au Siu Wai, Patrick
Location: Tai Po, N.T., Hong Kong
Starboard Cat Club
President: Terutoshi Shirai
Secretary: Aya Kaji
Location: Nagoya, Japan