New Club Applicants

New Club Application Instructions

The following clubs have applied for CFA membership and will be considered at the June 22, 2023 Board Meeting. Anyone wishing to submit comments regarding an applicant should do so in writing and send the comments to reach Committee Chair Carol Krzanowski no later than June 7, 2023.

As stated in the CFA By-Laws – Article III – Membership, Section 3 – Election to Membership: “If negative information is submitted regarding the applicant, the information will be provided to the applicant with enough time for the applicant to prepare a written rebuttal prior to board consideration.”

Cat Adept Republic Eden
President: Care Kwan
Secretary: Maggie Kwan
Location: Yuen Long, NT, Hong Kong

China Meow’s Secret Club
President: Zhongju Zhang
Secretary: Li Qian
Location: Changsha, Hunan, China

Diamond State Cat Fanciers
President: Ferris Allen
Secretary: Kathryn Sain
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Fantastic Tiara Russian Blue Club
President: Fanny Ng
Secretary: Thomas Yiu
Location: Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Felidae Beyond Infinity
President: Lau Wing Keung
Secretary: Sarah Sau Wah Ng
Location: Yuen Long, NT, Hong Kong

Galaxy Cat Club
President: Wong Wai Jan, Jenny
Secretary: Virginia Liu
Location: Yuen Leng Village, Tai Po, Hong Kong

Garnet State Feline Fanciers
President: Mischa Taylor
Secretary: Katia Kingston
Location: Old Lyme, Connecticut, USA

Hong Kong Bengal Cat Association
President: Cheung Kwan Kit
Secretary: Chan Ming Hay
Location: Yuen Long, NT, Hong Kong

Kit & Kaboodle Cat Club
President: Rachel Alcaraz
Secretary: Doug Welsh
Location: Davidson, North Carolina, USA

Mahameru Cat Club
President: Muhamad Raihan Alif Fikri
Secretary: Siska Nino
Location: Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Sandcastle Cat Fanciers
President: Joan Bernstein
Secretary: Elizabeth Jennings
Location: Oyster Bay, New York, USA