CFA-YFEP engages youth from 5 to 18 in activities from drawing a poster, to doing a breed presentation, to working on a show committee, to taking a therapy cat to visit a hospital unit. The program is designed to allow youth to enjoy the cat fancy and excel at their own pace through the activities and age categories while enhancing their appreciation for felines and feline inspired professions.

At the end of each show season all youth are recognized at various levels based on their activity throughout the season.

Getting Started

If you are a youth interested in this new and exciting program, please with the knowledge of your parents or guardians download our YFEP Application and complete the information. The application is designed to allow you to type in all your information; you may print the application and mail it in with your parent or guardian’s signature, OR the application form may be emailed from the parent’s email account, which will act as an original parental signature.

When complete please mail the application to:

Rich Nolte
1235 Candlewood Dr
Lakeland, FL  33813


If you are a Parent, Guardian, Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, or Friend and wish to help with the program or have a premier that needs a good home with a youth please contact our CFA-YFEP Chair, Rich Nolte at rnolte2@hotmail.com. He will be happy to direct you to the regional representative in your area.