The CFA-Iams Ambassador Cat Program

Overview of The CFA-IAMS Ambassador Cat Program And The CFA Ambassador Pet Me Cat Program

The entire Ambassador Program is sponsored by P & G Pet Care/Iams. We thank them for their generous support of the entire CFA Ambassador Program.

Owner Criteria

Owners of both the CFA-Iams Ambassador Cats and CFA Ambassador Pet Me Cats must also be enrolled as CFA Ambassadors. Upon enrollment, CFA Ambassadors will receive a welcome e-mail thanking them for their willingness to participate and the contact information of their Regional Coordinator.

By U.S. mail, participants will also their Ambassador Handbook, Button and Stickers to wear at shows.

About the CFA-Iams Ambassador Cat Program

All CFA-Iams Ambassador Cats will receive an Iams Logo Security Shelter and Display set-up with matching skirting and a carrier for their CFA- Iams Ambassador Cat. All products are custom made by the Sturdi Products Company. All CFA-Iams Ambassador Cats will also receive cat food vouchers for Iams Products. P & G Pet Care/Iams is also producing custom Trading Cards for our Iams Ambassador Cats to distribute to spectators.

CFA-Iams Ambassador Cat Criteria
  • Owners must be enrolled as a CFA Ambassador.
  • The Iams Ambassador Cat must be a CFA registered cat/kitten or a cat/kitten seeking CFA championship status.
  • The Iams Ambassador Cat must be of a friendly nature and be willing to be petted and handled by the general public.
  • The Iams Ambassador Cat handler must be knowledgeable about every aspect of feline care and grooming and be willing to devote time to greet the public and answer questions about cats and CFA.
  • The Iams Ambassador Cat cannot be entered in any show in the championship, kitten or premiership class where it appears as an Ambassador Cat.
  • The Iams Ambassador Cat and its owner must commit to attend 24 shows within each 12 month period.
  • The Iams Ambassador Cat must be displayed and presented in the Iams Logo security shelter and display area.
  • The Iams Ambassador Cat must be willing to wear an Iams signature harness or bandana.
  • The Iams Ambassador Cat owner must be willing to report to the program director such information as shows attended and other required information which may be needed for tracking and reporting purposes.

Each show season, cats are selected from every region. If you think you and your cat have the dedication and meet the above criteria to be part of the U.S. group of CFA-Iams Ambassador Cats, we invite you to apply. Please contact CFA-Iams Ambassador Cat Coordinator, Candilee Jackson at for more information.

About the CFA Ambassador Pet Me Cats Program

For those individuals who want to exhibit their cats but cannot commit to the amount of shows required for the Iams Ambassador Cats, we welcome you! But, remember it is always up to the individual clubs to decide whether they want our four-legged Pet Me Cats public relations purring machines in attendance. Participants must check with club management to make arrangements for Pet Me Cat attendance well in advance of the show.

Upon enrollment, CFA Pet Me Cats and their owners will receive a welcome email from the CFA Ambassador Coordinator. Owners and their cats will also receive their CFA Ambassador Pet Me Cat Banners from their Regional Coordinator or by U.S. Mail to display at shows.

Enrolling your cat as a CFA Ambassador Pet Me Cat is easy!! Just fill out our online application.

Need more information? Contact CFA Ambassador Coordinator, Candilee Jackson at

Criteria for CFA Ambassador Pet Me Cat Program
  • Owner must be a registered CFA Ambassador.
  • Ambassador cat must be a pedigreed cat.
  • Cat and owner must be amiable and willing to interact with CFA Show Spectators.
  • Cat must have appropriate temperament for display and public interaction.