Show Records Data File

In accordance with Show Rule 16.06.01, effective May 1, 2000, all show results sent to Central Office MUST be accompanied by a computerized file containing catalog information for all entries. A processing fee of $100.00 is payable by the club to CFA if a properly prepared diskette or approved format electronic file is not provided to the Central Office in conjunction with the show records used for scoring.

Note: Effective September 20, 2002, the Data file may be emailed to CFA at File should be sent as an attachment. Use your entry clerk software to create a file on your computer’s hard disk, then attach that file to your email message. Be sure to include club name and show date in the subject line of your email. Refer to your email software documentation for information on how to attach a file to your message. If you opt to send the data as an email attachment, it must be received in the CFA Central Office by Monday evening following the last day of the show.

Diskettes may be either PC/Windows or Mac, 3.5-inch size. The file containing ASCII text may be in either ‘CompuShow©’ format or as a tab- or comma-delimited file extracted from any database or word processing package. The diskette label should indicate the file format.

How to create the CFA Data Disk from CompuShow©

Each of the 21 fields should be left justified and written on a separate record, terminated by a CR/LF character. After each set of 21 fields, there should be a record containing an asterisk (*) in column 1 which serves as an “End-of-Entry” indicator. The End-of-File should be indicated by three records: the first should have four 9’s (9999) in positions 1 – 4. The next record of the file should have “END OF FILE” in positions 1 – 11. The final record contains the source of data (program name, club name) and show date(s), in a free-form manner.

REC#      FIELD               Max       COMMENTS
                          # characters
 1   Catalog entry #           4   Left-justified
 2   Cat's name               35   Upper case, no titles
 3   CFA Registration #       14   xxxx-xxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx
                                   or xxxxM-xxxxxx
 4   Date of Birth             8   MM-DD-YY
 5   Color class code          6
 6   Entry code                1   Alpha (See table at the bottom of the page)
 7   Shown-as Color           26   Special color if any
 8   Sire's Name              40   Upper/lower, with titles
 9   Dam's Name               40   Upper/lower, with titles
10   Breeder's Name           40   Upper/lower
11   Owner's Name             40   Upper/lower
                                    may be blank if same as breeder)
12   Region of Owner           1   1 - 8, A or E
13   Exhibitor's first name   22   Upper/lower
14   Exhibitor's last name    17   Upper/lower
15   Street address           36   Upper/lower
16   City                     24   Upper/lower
17   State or Province        18   Usually 2 or 3-char
18   Zip code                 12
19   Phone number             15   Optional
20   Country                  24   Blank = USA, may be abbreviated
21   Exhibitor Email          80   Upper/lower

How to create the CFA Data Disk from Clerk 2000©
  • Select “Save CFA Disk” command from the File menu;
  • You will be prompted to place the 3.5″ CFA Show disk in the floppy drive (see manual if this is not drive A: on your computer); ** See note above regarding emailing of Data file.
  • Place CFA disk in drive and click on the OK button.
  • To verify that the file was written correctly, you can open the floppy in Windows (inside My World on the Desk Top) and verify “CFA.txt” was created. You can double click on the file to view it in NotePad if you would like;
  • When done, remove disk, slide write protect tab (upper right corner of disk) so that you can see through the hole and make sure to ENCLOSE with the show package.

How to Create the CFA Data Disk from Entries2001™
  • From the Main Menu, Choose FILE, then DATABASE from the sub-menu, then CFA DATA EXPORT from the next sub-menu.
  • You will be presented with a window titled “Export Show Data to CFA”. Within this window are two (2) option buttons: · Floppy disk (A:) is the default option
  • If this is the desired location to copy the file, place a blank, formatted floppy disk in the A: drive and press the “Process” command button.
  • If your floppy disk is B: or you wish to copy the file to another location, choose (click on) the second option button. You can then enter the full path and file name in the text box (which turned white when you clicked the option button) or if unsure of the path, click the button with the ellipses (…) to point and choose the appropriate folder (directory). Enter the name of the text file in the control next to the label “File Name”. Insert the appropriate media (disk, etc) in the drive you have specified and press the “Process” command button to initiate the process.
  • The file will be created and copied to the floppy disk, which in turn can be sent to CFA. When finished, click the “Exit” command button. ** See note above regarding emailing of Data file. Newer versions of this software have an optional provision for automatically emailing the Data file.

Delimited file format

You may use any database or word-processing software to generate the file in the formats described below. Refer to your software documentation and manuals for information on how to extract an ASCII-delimited file.

Acceptable file formats:
Tab-delimited files (with a single tab separating fields)
Comma-delimited (with double quotes around data and a comma between fields)

Each record represents one entry, with data fields in the order listed above: Entry number, cat’s name, registration number, etc.

Do not include an asterisk at the end of a record. The end-of-file indicator with 9999 in the entry number field is not needed, nor is the final club name record.

Blank fields should be included as null fields, with proper delimiters.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE: The sequence of entries on disk file MUST match the catalog. The data file must be received with the overnight show package, or if you opt to send the data as an email attachment, it must be received in the CFA Central Office by Monday evening following the last day of the show.

     A - Kitten          B - Provisional        C - Miscellaneous
     D - Open CH         E - Championship       F - Grand Champion
     G - Open PR         H - Premiership        I - Grand Premier
     J - Household pet   K - Exhibition Only    L - For Sale only
     N - Novice          V - Veteran            O - AOV

Please contact us at if you have any questions or wish to arrange for a test of your software.