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July 22-23, 2017
22 Motor City Jazz Club (Region 4) Taylor, Michigan, USA
22 Slinky Cats Cat Club (Region 5) South Gate, California, USA
22-23 Cornerpet Cat Fanciers Club (International) Beijing, CHINA
22-23 Siam Blue-Eyed Cat Fanciers (International) Bangkok, THAILAND
22-23 United Feline Odyssey (International) HONG KONG
July 29-30, 2017
29 Seattle Cat Club (Region 2) Portland, Oregon, USA
29 GEMS (Region 4) Jeffersonville, Ohio, USA
30 Sternwheel Cat Fanciers (Region 4) Jeffersonville, Ohio, USA
29-30 Cat Fanciers Club of Thailand (International) Bangyai, THAILAND
29-30 Cat Fanciers Society of Indonesia (International) Tangerang, INDONESIA
29 Tianjin Feiming Cat Club (International) Beijing, CHINA

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CFA's Best Kitten, China

CFA’s Best Kitten in China is CH, NW Joycat Ex Sakura Bobo of Sakura Cat, a Brown Patched Tabby and White Female Exotic. She was bred by Long Zheng and is owned by Kaipei Huang of Nanjing Jiangsu China.

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CFA's Best Kitten, Regions 1-9

CFA’s Best Kitten in North America/Japan/Europe is GC, NW Briar-Mar's Absolutely Fabulous, a Calico Shorthair Female Manx. She was bred and is owned by Gay Van Weelden, Omar Gonzalez and Gary Veach of Maywood, New Jersey.

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CFA's Best Kitten, International

CFA’s Best Kitten International is GC, BWI, NW Yatfung's Cobra Jr!!! of Glam-Rex, a Brown Tabby Male American Shorthair. He was bred by Edmond Tang and Christine Lam and is owned by Chrissi Chan, Christine Lam, Ree Yip and Edmond Tang of TAI PO N.T., Hong Kong.

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