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January 13-14, 2018
13 Vermont Fancy Felines (Region 1) Burlington, Vermont, USA
14 Club Felins Fleur De Lys (Region 1) Burlington, Vermont, USA
13-14 Crown City Cat Club (Region 5) Ontario, California, USA
13 Frontier Feline Fanciers (Region 6) Gardner, Kansas, USA
13-14 Cat Club of The Palm Beaches (Region 7) Ormond Beach, Florida, USA
13-14 Japan Regional Benefit (Region 8) Kobe-Shi, JAPAN
13-14 Swedish Cat Paws (Region 9) Stockholm, SWEDEN
13 Asia Pacific Cat Club (International) Selangor, MALAYSIA
13-14 Cornerpet Cat Fanciers Club (International) Shanghai, CHINA
13 Feline Fanciers Soc of Singapore (International) SINGAPORE
13 Taiwan Cat Fanciers (International) Taipei, TAIWAN
January 20-21, 2018
20 Poppy State Cat Club (Region 2) Auburn, California, USA
20-21 Cleveland Persian Society (Region 4) Parma, Ohio, USA
20 Cat Fanciers of Hawaii (Region 5) Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
20-21 Cat Fanciers of Finland (Region 9) Vantaa, FINLAND
20-21 Anshan Asia Cat Club Shenyang, CHINA
20-21 Universal Cat Fanciers Alliance Beijing, CHINA
21-22 China Tao Yuan Fanciers Club ** Planned Chongqing, CHINA
20 Cornerpet Cat Fanciers Club ** Planned Beijing, CHINA
20-21 Universal Cat Fanciers Alliance (International) Beijing, CHINA

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CFA International Show

The CFA International Cat Show, presented by Royal Canin, was held in Portland, Oregon this year. Congratulations to all our winners!

Featured Breed: Persian

Congratulations to our Best-In-Show Winner, Noralyn Heisig’s Dilute Calico Persian Female!

Did you know?
• The Persian cat breed is the number 2 most popular breed, based on CFA registration stats.
• These cats come in an astonishing number of colors.
• They are a constant source of joy and delight for their owners.

Learn more about the Persian...

Children's Coloring Book Unveiled

The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) and its Ambassador Cat Program unveil a new coloring book Caring for Your Kitty.

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