Visiting A Cat Show FAQs
Are visitors allowed at the cat show?

Yes, we welcome visitors to our cat shows! Cat shows are a great place to learn about specific pedigreed breeds, and connect with breeders. Many shows also have extra attractions such as veteran’s class (cats 7 years or older), agility, and household pets. You can find information about the hours a show is open for visitors, etc, through our event calendar.

Can I touch the cats at the show?

We know that it is very tempting to touch the show cats when they are being groomed for the judging ring. However, we ask that spectators not touch the cats without the owner’s permission.

A lot of work goes into bathing and combing the cats in preparation for the show and many exhibitors would prefer spectators not touch their cats.

When you watch the judging you will notice that they wash their hands in between handling of each cat to avoid accidentally passing germs from one cat to another.

When is a good time to talk to an exhibitor?

A cat show can be a very busy environment. Exhibitors are often preoccumpied with listening for their cat’s number to be called to a ring, grooming their cat, or taking an opportunity to speak with other exhibitors. Unless they are otherwise occupied, the majority of exhibitors will be delighted to speak with you. If a particular exhibitor is unable to answer your questions immediately, please revisit them at a less busy time.

You can always ask an Ambassador Cat or a Show Mentor questions. Just look for someone with these buttons or signs

Can I take photos of the cats?

Yes, you may take photos at the show. Please ask permission of the cat’s owner, especially if you are in close proximity to the cat and plan on using a flash with your camera.

Can I ask a judge questions?

If a judge is not engaged in the handling and evaluation of the cats, s/he will be pleased to answer any questions you might have. Please remember that the judge’s first priority is the evaluation of the cats presented to his ring for judging. It is best to ask your questions from your seat instead of walking into the ring.