Vendor Listing

With the continued effect of Covid-19 and the cancellation of our public cat shows, we are temporarily providing a page for our vendors to be able to list links to their websites, in an effort to encourage online shopping.

If you are a CFA vendor and would like to be included here, please email Amber Goodright at with the name of your business, the link to your online catalog or shop, a description of what you sell, and one photo (e.g. a logo or similar representative photo) and we will post it here.

Vendor Types
Zinzie Pie, LLC “Save My Pet ID Tag”
Phone: 267-820-8248

Every year, thousands of dogs, cats, and other pets are left home alone and afraid, to starve. Be prepared and save your pet’s life with our Zinzie Pie “Save My Pet ID Tag.” Zinzie Pie, LLC, created a stylish necklace, worn by the pet owners themselves, that can be custom engraved with all of your pet’s information as well as an emergency contact so you can always be sure that our beloved animals will always be safe and can keep getting the love and care they deserve. The stainless steel “Save My Pet ID Tag” is proudly made right here in America, sells for $39.95; customized engraving, free of charge. We soon will release both the keychain, and also the bracelet version!