Parti-Color Persians:
Those Showgirls Sho’ Know How to “Parti!”

Photo by Chanan
by Lorraine Saunders and Susan Cook Henry

by Lorraine Saunders and Susan Cook Henry
Originally published in The Cat Fanciers’ Yearbook, 2007

GC Bloemhill Miss Iowa, a blue-cream Persian female.
Br/Ow: Mrs. John Bloem. (1961, Table I)

Moving past the late 20th century and to CFA’s ­present, we take another look at our favorite show-offs… those wonderful tortoiseshell and blue-cream Persians who comprise this unforgettable division of longhair cats and have contributed greatly to CFA’s first one hundred years.

We write this with remembrance of a great lady and mentor, Lillias Bloem (CFA President in 1958 when the first CFA Yearbook was published) and her famous Bloemhill Persians. Her article, “A Cat May Look on a King,” celebrated the Parti-Color Persian forty years ago in the 1967 CFA Yearbook 10th Anniversary Edition!

A bit of history...
GC Misty Mornin’ Meg, a tortoiseshell Persian female, with
Judge Marion Hall. Br/Ow: Charles Milwain and William Nix.
CFA Cat of the Year, 1969. (Table I)

The tortoiseshell was recognized on May 19, 1914 by the CFA Board, with the blue-cream competing as AOC (any other color) until 1932. It is interesting to note that even though CFA established the title of Grand Champion in 1930, it was not until 1951 that a blue-cream achieved that title, and nine years later before the first tortoiseshell was a Grand Champion. As of the 1969 CFA Yearbook, Astra Cattery (Mr. and Mrs. John Bradley and Hazel Rand) was proud to claim it was the “only cattery in the history of CFA to breed three Grand Champion Tortie Persians!” We know that record has since been eclipsed, but it was certainly enviable in its day!

Some other earlier notable Grand Champions (alphabetically listed, with titles achieved by 1972) are shown in Table I. As you can see, this partial list is comprised of 31 blue-cream grands and 12 grand champion tortoiseshell Persians. Although recognized as a competitive color later than the tortoiseshell, the blue-cream was more popular in the show ring at the time. A debt of gratitude is owed to many of the breeders/exhibitors of the girls noted in Table I, including: Mr. and Mrs. Ben Ehrhardt (Ben-Mar), Peggy Otto (Chatalain), Florence Cox (Flo-Sher), Margret English (Stonybrook), Beula Biederman (Erman), Mrs. F.W. Clarendon (Glenorchy), Mrs. Verner Clum (Gaylands), Geraldine Merchant (Merchant), Charles Milwain and William Nix (Misty Mornin’), Marion and Dayle Hall (Tra-Mar), Gladys Morgan (Larks-Purr), Marcena Myers (Castilia), Maurine Hoag (Nor-Mont), Wilda Derouin (Dunhowa), Vi Schuh (Skyway), Zoe McEachern (Zoda), Nina Duff (Birch-Haven) and Mary Kate Carroll (Kohinoor).

Litter of Merchant blue-cream kittens. Sire: GC Castilia Pekoe of Nor-Mont.
Dam: GC Merchant’s Run Around Sue. Breeder: Geraldine Merchant. (1968)

Most of these breeders not only worked well together in combining their lines, but were generous in mentoring and sharing their best with others who were new to the cat fancy. Several of these girls proved to be foundation females for many Persian lines, which gained success in the decades that followed. Some select photos of these ladies appear in this article, but do not let their looks deceive you – these cats were excellent representatives of their breed in their time, and several were top winners in CFA’s early Hydon-Goodwin Awards, the precursor to today’s National Winners.

TABLE I – Early Parti-Color Grand Champions


GC Ben-Mar Petunia
GC Bloemhill Brocade of Serendip
GC Bloemhill Fancy Free of Wynden
GC Bloemhill Miss Iowa (All-American Best Kitten, 1961)
GC Bloemhill Money Moon of Jeannel
GC Chatalain Nepeta
GC Erman Nyla of Shawnee
GC Flo-Sher Princess
GC Hadleigh Coquette of Kane-Kaha
GC Hayward Lolita of Misty Mornin’
GC Jan-Dam Sissie
GC Kirklea Kim of Misty Mornin’
GC Kohinoor Elfin of Kirklea
GC Larks-Purr Precious of Castilia
GC Mar-Geo Princess of Rangemore
GC Merchant’s Run Around Sue
GC Misty Mornin’ Be-Bop of Catspurr
GC Misty Mornin’ Mopsy of Tra-Mar (CFA’s Best Kitten, 1966)
GC Misty Mornin’ Motif of Arahn
GC Misty Mornin’ Maria of Jadon
GC Nor-Mont Bright Star
GC Nor-Mont Charm
GC PussiWillow
GC Rosedere De Anne of Nor-Mont (first blue-cream GC, 1951)
GC Rulor Kandedol of Bloemhill
GC Show Me Blueberry Muffin
GC Skyway’s Bo-Peep of Dunhowa
GC Stonybrook Paige of Chatalain
GC Sweet Dream of Kohinoor
GC Widdington Rosebud of Gaylands (Imp)
GC Zoda Fleur-De Lys of Toireh
Cat of the Year for 1966, and the first Parti-Color to achieve the title: GC Larks-Purr Precious of Castilia Ow: Marcena Myers and Mrs. Merald (Maurine) Hoag


GC Astra’s Firefly
GC Astra’s Gypsy
GC Astra’s Monita
GC Birch-Haven Blys of Misty Mornin’
GC Birch-Haven Pan-Z-Face of Catalot
GC Birch-Haven Tiki of Ben-Mar
GC Cherubino Twice Blessed
GC Glenorchy Merl
GC Kohinoor Kathleen of Moonfleet
GC Misty Mornin’ Meg
GC Nor-Mont’s Duchess (first Tortie GC – 1960)
GC Woodkiff Calypso of Castilia
Cat of the Year for 1969 and the second Parti-Color to achieve this award: GC Misty Mornin’ Meg
Br/Ow: Charles Milwain and William Nix

GC Astra’s Monita, a tortoiseshell Persian female.
Br/Ow: Agnes Bradley. (1964, Table I)

From the mid-1960s on, few other breeds or divisions (genetically driven as this “female gender” division has proven to be) have generated as much excitement in the ring when properly presented. They show well and not just because they are beautiful. Parti-Colors are natural “hams” and display personality plus, whether they are being judged at the shows or just relaxing at home!

As you will see below, the “favors” at the party are still unequally divided among those who love dominants and those who prefer their paler dilute sisters. There are also those who adore the chocolate tortie with their milk chocolate coats patched with red, and the gentle lilac-creams with their dove-grey coats and pastel cream patches.

A defining year for the Parti-Color Persian was 1995, when the color standard was revised to allow either patching or areas of intermingled colors on both tortoiseshells and blue-creams. Reference to the once-desirable blaze was removed. Unlike the bi-colors, it is nearly impossible to breed for a specific Parti-Color pattern. Further, as for the torties, references to cream in the standard were eliminated as it was noted that tortoiseshells are not black, red and cream, but genetically are black cats with darker and lighter shades of red.

This change in the standard has led to today’s torties, many of which are hotter in color with the inimitable black tortie being much harder to come by. Why? Many Persian breeding programs have opted away from color-breeding within the Parti-Color and Solid Color divisions and have mixed in genes from other divisions of the Persian breed. As a result, the color red (from bright to light) seems to have overtaken the black, with the Himalayan genes sometimes adding a “sherbet” glow rather than a true red.

GC Bloemhill Money Moon, a blue-cream Persian female.
Br: Mrs. John Bloem. Ow: Donna Jean Thompson. (1961, Table I)

With blue-creams, the reverse is often true. There is less cream and a darker, almost navy-blue color, both of which have combined to take away that soft and shimmering “clouds in the sky” effect. The plain fact is coat color has been distorted. This is in large part due to the increased use of dominants in dilute breeding programs, in addition to breeders who prefer to work with bi-colors and the pointed Persian (Himalayans) rather than using dilute solids and other Parti-Colors to protect sound coat color.

It is interesting to note that there are no longer any color-bred blues, which from the 1940’s to the 1970’s were so instrumental in the evolution of the Persian cat as we know it today. Their prepotence for clear color and type was desirable then and a memorable dream in modern terms.

GC Bloemhill Fancy Free of Wynden,
a blue-cream Persian female.
Br: Mrs. John Bloem.
Ow: Mrs. J. Keith Pevey (1965, Table I)

Entering the 21st century, we will give credit to the top Distinguished Merit and regional winning catteries and will expand our coverage on the National Winners which have represented the Parti-Color Division in the past 30 years. While it is impossible to mention every Parti-Color Grand Champion, as the numbers are huge, we intend to list representative cats within the categories mentioned above. Many of these fabulous felines have made their mark on this colorful category right up to present day through their offspring or close relatives.

We will provide statistics for another reason. With color breeding no longer supporting the blue-cream as mentioned before, their glory days have faded. On the other hand, since the change of the color standard in 1995, the tortoiseshell is being readily accepted with extra hot color along with their blacker cousins. So, it would appear that the cards are stacked against blue-creams who do not have those wonderful older bloodlines to help color them pale. Have a look at the following numbers for further proof. They really do speak for themselves.

Distinguished Merits

During the 1970s to present day the category of Distinguished Merit has given us an honored list of who’s who of the cat fancy. Known fondly as the breeders’ title, it is much-coveted among those who breed (males: 15 qualifying offspring; females: five qualifing offspring) and show their cats with pride and distinction. The very first Parti-Color Distinguished Merit cat of record was GC Jo-Le’s Mysdeal, DM (tortoiseshell, 1976-1977). “Mysdeal” produced eight Grand Champions when bred to GC Misty Mornin’ Conquest, DM, and four of those cats went on to national wins. There are very likely more girls who have earned this title, but the qualifying research has yet to or may never be initiated.

From 1976 to season-end 2005, there have been 138 Parti-Color DMs. Of those, we offer the following breakdown:

  • 35 Distinguished Merit title only (7 blue-creams, 28 tortoiseshells)
  • 28 Champions (10 blue-creams; 18 tortoiseshells)
  • 50 Grand Champions (13 blue-creams, 1 lilac-cream, 36 tortoiseshells)
  • 13 Grand Champions/Regional Winners (5 blue-creams, 8 tortoiseshells)
  • 6 Grand Champions/National Winners (2 blue-creams, 4 tortoiseshells)
  • 1 Champion/Grand Premier (1 blue-cream)
  • 2 Grand Champions/Premiers (2 tortoiseshells)
  • 3 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers (2 blue-creams, 1 tortoiseshell)

In total there have been 40 blue-cream, one lilac cream and 97 tortoiseshell DMs. Interestingly, from the total of 138 DM titles, 63 of these girls were either non-titled or attained Champion status only. That tells us that while not always show cats themselves, they have been very capable producers of quality. Below are catteries which deserve credit for their Parti-Color Distinguished Merit achievements. Also mentioned are those catteries (in parentheses) that acquired the cats and bred them to achieve Distinguished Merit status, and sometimes exhibited them to Regional or National Wins either before or after their breeding days:

Adelwies, Aftabi, Aladar, Ann-Ge, Araho, Aziza, Bajonga, Bar-B, Bastis, Belcats, Boberan, Bolo, Brasstacks (Tailteezers), BricBrac, Budmar, Casimar, Catala, Catcharm, Catillak, Catsafrats, Chancery, Char-O, Chatalain, Chez Mana, Chieko, Chilco, Chrishanna, Cobby-Corp, Colesco, Connaught, Copacats, Currle Cats, D-Jon, Debo, Demiara, Derrboux, Diand, Ebonez, Fanci FX, Fancypaws, Fox Hara, Framor, Fur Pleasure, Furfrenz, Gatnel, I-Catchers, Jadon, Janilee, Jaymick, Jerimar, Jlor, Jo-Le, Jonala, Jovan, Kall, Katrina, Kelsha, Kenkat, Kittensrus, Kitty Charm, Kohinor, Ky-Ro, Laforet, Lake Hyco, Lauralas, Laves, Lobell, Lorant, Lullaby, Mar-Ja, Marcus, Marhei, Meadowlark, Midas, Mountcascade, Myshadows, Mystichill, Paquita, Pdees, Prim-Pet, Purrkay, Q-T Cats, Quin-Jo, Red Sky, Ronlyn, Rubyrose, Samwai, Shadygrove, Shali, Shelbie, Show ‘N Tell, Skipjack, South Paw, Steeplechase, Sun Steps, Sunmarble, Sunny Ridge, Susfur, Tail Teezers, Tao-Lu, Teacherspet, Tehy, Veach, Vickits, Wenlock, Willowviews and Woodspirit.

The following catteries can claim multiple Distinguished Merits:

Aftabi 2 Kitty Charm 3 Quin-Jo 2
Aziza 2 Lullaby 2 Shelbie 2
Boberan 2 Marhei 4 South Paw 8
Bolo 4 Myshadows 2 Vickits 2
Currle Cats 2 Mystichill 3 Woodspirit 2
Gatnel 2 Prim-Pet 3

RW and DW Titles

GC Merchant’s Run Around Sue,
a blue-cream Persian
female. Br: Mrs. Geraldine Merchant.
Ow: Geraldine and Sharon Ann Merchant. (1967, Table I)

As cat fanciers, nothing is more satisfying than winning an award as recognition for your efforts. This is particularly true for those who exhibited their beautiful Parti-Color Persians to Regional or International Divisional Wins (DW).

From 1976 through season-end 2005, there have been 133 Parti-Color Regional Winners or Divisional Winners. Of that total, a further breakdown reveals:

  • 5 Grand Champions/Breed Winners (1 blue-cream, 4 tortoiseshells)
  • 104 Grand Champions (32 blue-creams, 72 tortoiseshells)
  • 10 Champions/Grand Premiers (3 blue-creams, 7 tortoiseshells)
  • 1 Grand Champion/Premier (1 blue-cream)
  • 15 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers (3 blue-creams, 12 tortoiseshells)
  • 1 Grand Champion/Premier/Breed Winner (1 tortoiseshell)
  • 13 Grand Premiers (4 blue-creams, 9 tortoiseshells)

You can see how much the tortoiseshell Persian’s popularity has increased since the mid-1970s, with the CFA statistics showing us 93 tortoiseshell Regional Winners taking honors compared with 40 blue-cream Regional Winners.

Below, we highlight the Parti-Color Regional Winners by gladly mentioning the catteries that bred and showed them and in some cases, those who took ownership (in parentheses) and honored the bloodlines they purchased by achieving these honorable wins:

Aftabi, Aladar, Araho, Araho (Kadji-Ki), Babuschka, Barmont, Bayou, Belcats, Betterdream, Bi Hei, Boberan, Bolo, Budmar, Burnbrae, Capuan (Bluestocking), Catjoy, Catsfrats, Cedar Valley, Char-O, Cobby-Corp (Mollycoddled), Comesee, Cozmo, Crayola (Blue Djinn), Devotion, Echoes (Stov/Hartz), Eripadiso, Ezluvin (Stov/Hartz), Fanci Fx (Beaubell), Fancypaws, Fox Hara, Goliada, Happypurrs, Hope, I-Catchers, Impression (Garnan), Jellibeans, Jerimar, JFK Hyecats, Jlor (Barmont), Joleigh, Jo-Ni (Moon Night), Kapulo, Kattitude, Kekiana, Kelsha, Kenkat (Kapulo), Kenkat (Sundew), Kitcorp (Purrsession), Kittiary (Cacao), Kitty Charm, Kiyoekitty, Kozy, Ladar (Croshka), Laforet, Larpa, Lauralas (Shenelle), Lave, Lave (Pingu), Marhei (Bajonga), Marhei (Pamola), Mar-Ja (Shelbie), Ms (Shenelle), Noblessa, Oakheavan (Bobocats), Oresta (Kapulo), Pease, Per-Lore (Ubcools), Persianary, Pingu, Pironti, Polcann (Linmar), Prideomine, Purrco, Q-T Cats, Quin-Jo (Love-N-Time), Rainyvel, Sharmich, Shelbie, Silowette, Snooksy, South Paw (Mapurr), Steeplechase (Sundew), Sunledge, Sunmarble, Sunny Ridge (Couronne), Tail Teezers, Tehy, Tendurr Hart, Topcattery, Touchoheavan, Travico, Tresorerie, Triplecrown, Vickits (Love-N-Time), Vinec, Viran (Arrow Lakes), Windpegs, Wishes (Waveland), Yahiro and Young-Uns.

The following catteries have multiple Regional Wins:

Aftabi 2 JFK Hyecats 2 Noblessa 2
Araho 4 Kenkat 3 Silowette 3
Barmont 2 Larpa 2 South Paw 2
Boberan 3 Laves 3 Tail Teezers 3
Goliada 2 Marhei 2 Topcattery 2
National Winner Titles
GC, GP, NW Mystichill Mighty High,
a blue-cream Persian female.
Br: Diane Silverman.
Ow: Mark Hannon, Diane Silverman and Sheila Dye.
Only Parti-Color to date to earn NW titles in Kitten,
Championship and Premiership classes. (1991, Table II)

For those hardy souls whose kittens and cats reached the hallowed status of NW, it is acknowledged that they endured many hazards and prohibitive expenses during their travels. They persevered through ills, both personal and feline, as well as other trials and tribulations along that rocky path to cat fancy glory. But in the end, the pathway became smoother and was eventually strewn with rose petals. That is why we call their cats National Winners.

From 1976 until season-end 2005, there have been 83 Parti-Color NWs – 11 of those girls won two titles and one of them claimed three! The latter honor goes to GC, GP, NW Mystichill Mighty High, the fabulous blue-cream who was a high kitten winner (1985-1986), followed by a high championship ranking the following season. Four years later, “Sissy” came back on the scene to take the top spot in premiership. She is the only Parti-Color to ever earn a title in all three competitive categories.

The cats listed in Table II, from CFA’s database for the past 30 years, represent the epitome of CFA’s very “Best” in the Parti-Color Division.

Parti-Colors have been well-represented over the years by their National Wins. Blue-creams have held their own over time, matching or exceeding the torties until the past ten years. Since the 1995-1996 season, torties have taken the spotlight with only two blue-creams in 26 national wins.

From the chart, there are 91 national wins represented, with torties edging the blue-creams 51-40. Just twice in 30 seasons were there no Parti-Colors represented in the national rankings, which is a testament to their continuing quality and popularity.

TABLE II – Parti-Color Persian National Winners

Award Cat Name Color Breeder/Owner
2nd Best Cat GC, NW Bryn Mawr Georgie Girl Blue-cream Br/Ow: Werner, Irene & Mike Kachel
3rd Best Cat GC, NW Jensen’s Flamen Mame Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Lois & Clark Jensen
4th Best Cat GC, NW Samwai Cloisonné of Emeres, DM Tortoiseshell Br: Samantha Wiley
Ow: Marian R. Shaw
15th Best Cat GC, NW Q-T Cats Sufi of Taurah Blue-cream Br: Mr. & Mrs. Leon Samuels
Ow: Peggy Keyes
2nd Best Kitten GC, NW Surrey Hill Fancy Pantz Blue-cream Br/Ow: Gene & Patti Darrah
4th Best Kitten GC, NW Surrey Hill Hot Flashes Tortoiseshell Br: Gene & Patti Darrah
Ow: Bill & Lila Reach
5th Best Kitten GC, NW Bryn Mawr Parti Girl Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Werner, Irene & Mike Kachel
14th Best Cat GC, NW Bryn Mawr Parti Girl Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Werner, Irene & Mike Kachel
18th Best Cat GC, NW Jama Kats Li’l Dickens of Tsar Blue Blue-cream Br: James & Marlene Luyster
Donna J. Fuller
BEST KITTEN GC, NW Kyina Patience of Oakway Tortoiseshell Br: Anne & Amanda Bright
Ow: Anne & Amanda Bright & Judy Sturm
2nd Best Kitten GC, NW Jo-Le’s Lilly Tortoiseshell Br: Joseph & Carol Giannuzzi
Ow: Joseph A. Giannuzzi
4th Best Cat in Premiership GC, GP, NW Mar-Al’s Julie Blue-cream Br: Al & Margaret De Simone
Ow: Roy & Louann Andersen
5th Best Cat in Premiership GP, NW Jensen Destiny of Bricbrac Blue-cream Br: Lois & Clark Jensen
Ow: Tim & Janet DiPietra
BEST CAT GC, NW Kyina Patience of Oakway Tortoiseshell Br: Ann & Amanda Bright
Ow: Anne & Amanda Bright & Judy Sturm
4th Best Cat GC, NW Goliada Melissa Blue-cream Br/Ow: Michael & Nancy Petersen
14th Best Cat GC, NW Mar-Al’s Amy of Aristy Tortoiseshell Br: Al & Margaret De Simone
Ow: Carlos & Edenia Aristy
8th Best Kitten GC, NW Currle Cats Chrissy of Marcus, DM Blue-cream Br: Kenneth & Lucindy Currle
Ow: Mark Hannon
8th Best Cat GC, NW Benaughty’s Mary Poppins Tortoiseshell Br: Margaret E. Hounshell
Ow: M. E. & D. L. Hounshell
11th Best Cat GC, NW Currle Cats Chrissy of Marcus, DM Blue-cream Br: Kenneth & Lucindy Currle
Ow: Mark Hannon
4th Best Kitten GC, NW Erina’s Joy of Q-T Cats Blue-cream Br: N. A. Russo & M. & L. Samuels
Ow: Marcia & Leon Samuels
5th Best Cat in Premiership GC, GP, NW K’Lane’s Emily of Lilibet Blue-cream Br: Henry & Jo Ann Pillard
Ow: Mr. & Mrs. Gordon H. Ford
10th Best Cat in Premiership GC, GP, NW Jeannel Michelle of Susan Blue-cream Br: Donna Jean Thompson
Ow: Susan Beuerlein
3rd Best Cat GC, NW Arakeen’s Emotional Rescue Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Carol & Doug Brigance
9th Best Cat GC, NW Erina’s Joy of Q-T Cats Blue-cream Br: N. A. Russo & M. & L. Samuels
Ow: Marcia & Leon Samuels
20th Best Cat GC, NW Jovan’s Natasha of Justemere Tortoiseshell Br: C. Golowski & D. Silverman
Ow: John R. & Linda Sue Paul
2nd Best Kitten GC, NW Ann-Ge Lullaby of Windborne Blue-cream Br: Mr. & Mrs. George C. Beal
Ow: Mr. & Mrs. George C. Beal & V. Dickerson
3rd Best Cat in Premiership GC, GP, NW K’Lane’s Emily of Lilibet Blue-cream Br: Henry & Jo Ann Pillard
Ow: Mr. & Mrs. Gordon H. Ford
6th Best Cat GC, NW Goliada Merissa Blue-cream Br/Ow: Michael & Nancy Petersen
7th Best Cat GC, NW Reinbeau Tru-Luv of Dopats Blue-cream Br: Patricia Fuchs
Ow: Don & Pat Herrmann
9th Best Cat GC, NW Fuzzy-Foot’s Kalamazoo Blue-cream Br/Ow: Jim & Kathy Dinesen
3rd Best Kitten GC, NW Simbelair Little Meisha Blue-cream Br: Mrs. S. Weston
Ow: Mr. & Mrs. John T. Morgan
6th Best Kitten GC, NW Iran’s Fan Dancer of Veach Tortoiseshell Br: Mrs. Doris L. Pape
Ow: Doris L. Pape & Gary Veach
3rd Best Cat GC, NW Penhill’s Pin Up Girl Blue-cream Br: Donald R. Gambone
Ow: Don Gambone
3rd Best Kitten GC, NW Justemere Dream Angel of Suetee Tortoiseshell Br: John R. & Linda Sue Paul
Ow: Carole S. Thompson
7th Best Cat in Premiership GC, GP, NW Kazmazad’s Kajun Tortoiseshell Br: Sheila Reyes
Ow: Mark Hannon
10th Best Cat GC, GP, NW Ann-Ge Honi Babe of Windborne Blue-cream Br: Mr. & Mrs. George C. Beal
Ow: Mr. & Mrs. George C. Beal & V. Dickerson
7th Best Kitten GC, NW Catala’s Blaze Starr of Carolot Tortoiseshell Br: Jane & Gayden Latture
Ow: Ott & Carolyn Noble
9th Best Kitten GC, NW Shilow Baby Love Blue-cream Br/Ow: Charles Baker
4th Best Cat in Premiership GC, GP, NW Morvern’s Antoinette Tortoiseshell Br: Betty Beatson
Ow: Jerry & Eve Russell
8th Best Cat GC, NW Catala’s Blaze Starr of Carolot Tortoiseshell Br: Jane & Gayden Latture
Ow: Ott & Carolyn Noble
2nd Best Kitten GC, NW Dustbuff’s Champagne Bubbles Tortoiseshell Br: Deanna S. Crumpley
Ow: Deanna & Steven Crumpley
3rd Best Kitten GC, NW Mystichill Mighty High Blue-cream Br: Diane Silverman
Ow: Mark Hannon, Diane Silverman & Sheila Dye
3rd Best Cat GC, NW Mystichill Mighty High Blue-cream Br: Diane Silverman
Ow: Mark Hannon & Diane Silverman
8th Best Cat GC, NW Myshadows Baughdy Lady Blue-cream Br/Ow: Ann V. Sones
13th Best Cat GC, NW Mystichill Hot Diggity of South Paw, DM Tortoiseshell Br: Diane Silverman
Ow: Judy & Brocato
9th Best Cat in Premiership GC, GP, NW Dovon’s Total Eclipse Tortoiseshell Br: Debra & Vicki Von Aswege
Ow: Debra, Vicki & Doug Von Aswege
4th Best Cat GC, NW South Paw Stacy of Jerimar Tortoiseshell Br: Diane Silverman & Judy & Brocato
Ow: Jim & Jeri Pletcher
6th Best Cat GC, NW Myshadows Madame Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Ann V. Sones
18th Best Cat GC, NW Connaught Irish Doll of Angelview Tortoiseshell Br: Claudia Moore
Ow: Ron & Louise Summers
3rd Best Cat in Premiership CH, GP, NW Changtse Andi Blue-cream Br/Ow: Frieda & Dick Bergholz
9th Best Cat GC, NW Ronlyn Barbie Doll Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Lynn Ferry
4th Best Cat GC, NW South Paw Fem-Fatale of Woodspirit Tortoiseshell Br: Judy & Greg Brocato
Ow: Sherry & Michael Hammersly
23rd Best Cat GC, NW Copacats Joey Blue-cream Br/Ow: Robert Spina
6th Best Kitten GC, NW Q-T Cats Danielle of Araho Blue-cream Br: Marcia & Leon Samuels
Ow: Joan & Tom O’Hara
BEST CAT IN PREMIERSHIP GC, GP, NW Mystichill Mighty High Blue-cream Br: Diane Silverman
Ow: Mark Hannon & John Watkins
3rd Best Cat in Premiership GC, GP, NW Signature Crayola Tortoiseshell Br: Liz & Gary Arini & Pat Arini
Ow: Patricia Arini
No National Winners
BEST KITTEN GC, NW Bolo’s Bold And Beautiful Blue-cream Br/Ow: Lois Bantz
13th Best Kitten GC, NW Kitjim’s Breana of Q-T Cats Blue-cream Br: Kitty Angell
Ow: Marcia & Leon Samuels
14th Best Kitten GC, NW Mystichill T.B.O. Elizabeth Blue-cream Br: Diane Silverman
Ow: Diane Silverman & Mark Hannon
12th Best Cat in Premiership GC, GP, NW Ann-Ge Honi Babe of Windborne Blue-cream Br: Mr. & Mrs. George C. Beal
Ow: Carol Hutchings
7th Best Cat GC, NW Katabuv’s Surprise Parti Blue-cream Br/Ow: John & Karen Kuehne
12th Best Cat GC, NW Spellbound Estee Lauder Blue-cream Br/Ow: Bob & Diane E. Deibert
10th Best Kitten GC, NW Bastis Desperately Seeking Susan Blue-cream Br: Wain Harding
Ow: Mark Hannon
5th Best Cat in Premiership GC, GP, NW Kitty Charm’s Imari Blue-cream Br/Ow: Darlene & June Feger
16th Best Cat GC, NW Catsafrats Hollywood Hullabaloo Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Bruce & Donna Isenberg
23rd Best Cat GC, NW Devotion Somewhere In Time Blue-cream Br: M. J. Bailey, C. Burgess, C. Lewis, R. Wilson
Ow: Robin Wilson & Mary Jo Bailey
12th Best Cat in Premiership GC, GP, NW Woodspirit’s Fine And Dandy Tortoiseshell Br: Sherry & Michael Hammersly
Ow: Sharyl J. Pistulka
6th Best Kitten GC, NW Teragram Sarah of Pamola Tortoiseshell Br: Steve & Peggy Stolpe
Ow: Fernando Sanchez
8th Best Kitten GC, NW Q-T Cats Sarah Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Marcia & Leon Samuels
15th Best Kitten GC, NW Agonistes Tryst Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: John Ramirez & Ken White
6th Best Cat GC, NW Q-T Cats Sarah Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Marcia & Leon Samuels
15th Best Cat GC, NW Showpurrs Celine of Regenesis Tortoiseshell Br: Joan Roberts
Ow: Will Davis & Jose Ayala
20th Best Kitten GC, NW Araho’s Meg Ryan Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Joan & Tom O’Hara
BEST CAT GC, NW Araho’s Meg Ryan Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Joan & Tom O’Hara
3rd Best Kitten GC, NW Agonistes Calamity Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: John Ramirez & Ken White
13th Best Kitten GC, NW Pironti Patsy Cline Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Toni Pironti
20th Best Kitten GC, NW Marcus M’Donna, DM Tortoiseshell Br: Mark Hannon, David Raynor & Ann Waddington – Lessee
Ow: Mark Hannon & David Raynor
6th Best Cat in Premiership GP, NW Telesis Tootsie T of Mainberg Tortoiseshell Br: Barbara Tresenriter
Ow: Sue Fraser, Larry Rhoades & Pat Bergman
18th Best Kitten GC, NW Mata-Blu Percilla of Pironti Tortoiseshell Br: Stan Barnaby
Ow: Toni Pironti
15th Best Cat GC, BW, NW Kenkat Splash of Jadon Tortoiseshell Br: Leah Fowler
Ow: Donna & Susan Cook
17th Best Kitten GC, NW Pironti Gem Doll Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Toni Pironti
3rd Best Cat in Premiership GC, GP, NW Brannaway Puddin’ of Fleurelaine Tortoiseshell Br: Anna Sadler
Ow: Ken & Elaine Crews
BEST KITTEN GC, NW Kenkat 1stClass Upgrade of Jadon, DM Blue-cream Br: Leah Fowler
Ow: Donna & Susan Cook
20th Best Cat in Premiership GP, NW Ebonez Burning Obsession Tortoiseshell Br: Anna Sadler
Br/Ow: Sheila Poland
4th Best Cat GC, BW, NW Jadon Faviara Blue-cream Br/Ow: Donna & Susan Cook
3rd Best Kitten GC, NW Catsafrats Star Spangled, DM Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Bruce & Donna Isenberg
25th Best Cat GC BW, NW Sunledge Snapdragon Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Diane & Carrie Bechard
8th Best Cat GC, BW, NW Briar-Mar’s Haley of Wishes Tortoiseshell Br: Gary Veach & Omar Gonzalez
Ow: Connie Stewart
2nd Best Cat in Premiership GC, GP, BW, NW Kenkat Splash of Krimpurrs Tortoiseshell Br: Leah Fowler
Ow: Beth Holly
4th Best Kitten GC, NW Catsafrats Witch Way Is Up Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Bruce & Donna Isenberg
5th Best Kitten GC, NW Marcus Mrs. Butterworth Tortoiseshell Br/Ow: Mark Hannon & David Raynor
18th Best Kitten GC, NW Kenkat Gidget Goes To Washington Tortoiseshell Br: Leah Fowler
Ow: Mark Hannon & David Raynor
No National Winners
They Were the “Life of the Parti!”
GC, NW Goliada Merissa (1982).
GC, NW Goliada Melissa, a blue-cream Persian female. Br/Ow: Michael and Nancy Petersen. (1980, Table II)

There is a select group of these girls who are of particular note, based on their achievements either as show cats or as mothers who contributed to their breed.

There are the “firsts” as in Cat of the Year (COTY) which, as indicated in Table I at the beginning of this article, includes the first blue-cream COTY in 1966, GC Larks-Purr Precious of Castilia. She was followed three years later by the first tortoiseshell COTY in 1969, GC Misty Mornin’ Meg.

The first Parti-Color Best Cat in Premiership went, in 1974, to the blue-cream CH, GP, NW Mar-Geo Draper’s Daphne of Tara.

As for “sister power,” three tortoiseshell littermates are notable for having been part of the foundation of some very strong lines which are now many generations behind a great number of today’s winning cats. These girls, GC Birch-Haven Tiki of Ben-Mar, GC Birch-Haven Pan-Z-Face of Catalot and GC Birch-Haven Blys of Misty Mornin’ were bred by Nina Duff in 1966, and they went on to Ben and Margaret Ehrhardt (Ben-Mar), Peggy Gude (Catalot), and Charles Milwain and William Nix (Misty Mornin’) respectively.
GC Kohinoor Elfin of Kirklea, a blue-cream Persian female. Br: Mary Kate Carroll. Ow: Charles Milwain and William Nix. (1968, Table I)

“Tiki” was the maternal great grand-dam of CH Tao-Lu’s Shalimar of Palmaire, DM, the blue-cream “Shelly” of the famous “Wiz/Shelly cross,” which pedigree fanatics will well remember (the “Wiz” being GC Bar-B The Wiz of Mystichill, DM); “Pan-Z-Face” was the dam of the black male, CH Catalot’s Quest of Shadow­lane, who went on to sire the very prepotent black male, GC Misty Mornin’ Conquest, DM; and “Blys” was the dam of GC Misty Mornin’ Meg. A large foundation of the modern Persian was founded in this “family” with catteries such as Bar-B, Mystichill, Lullaby, Jo-Le, Q-T Cats and Ronlyn, which are examples of only a few of those catteries that did very well with these early lines and established strong lines of their own while sharing along the way.

Then there is the “mother-daughter connection” with national-winning ladies who went on to produce national-winning daughters in the same division. We had the blue-cream, GC, NW Bryn Mawr Georgie Girl (1975) who was mother of the tortie, GC, NW Bryn Mawr Parti-Girl (1978). Both of these ladies earned kitten and championship titles: blue-cream GC, NW Goliada Melissa (1979) was mother of blue-cream

There are also the full sisters, a blue-cream, GC, NW Myshadows Baughdy Lady (1987), and a tortie, GC, NW Myshadows Madame (1989). In addition, “Madame” was the very first Best of the Best Cat at the Inaugural Purina/CFA Invitational Show in St. Louis in November 1988. Of course, we now know this to be the CFA Inter­national Cat Show.

GC, NW Myshadows Madame, a tortoiseshell Persian female. Br/Ow: Ann V. Sones. Winner of first CFA-Purina Invitational Show, 1988. (Table II) and GC, NW Myshadows Baughdy Lady, a blue-cream female. Br/Ow: Ann V. Sones. (1987, Table II)

And we must recognize the first and only DM to date of the colorpoint carrier girls of the Parti-Color Division: GC Fur Pleasure’s Lucky, DM, a lilac-cream bred by Mindy and Michael Roach and owned by Michael Roach.

The “Triple Winner” – GC, GP, NW Mystichill Mighty High of Marcus – has already been mentioned as the only Parti-Color, if not the only cat, in CFA’s history to have earned national titles as a kitten, championship and premier­ship cat. There was the beautiful tortoiseshell, GC, NW Kyina Patience of Oakway, who was shown in successive seasons to Kitten of the Year (1979) and Cat of the Year (1980). When might this happen again in the Parti-Color Division?

GC, NW Kyina Patience of Oakway, a tortoiseshell Persian female. Br: Ann and Amanda Bright. Ow: Ann and Amanda Bright and Judy Sturm. CFA’s Best Kitten, 1979. CFA’s Cat of the Year, 1980. (Table II)

It was thirteen more years before there was another Parti-Color top winner in GC, NW Bolo’s Bold And Beautiful, a blue-cream shown to Kitten of the Year in 1993. In 1998, a tortie (who had barely “sneaked in” as a national winning kitten the previous season!) became the fourth and most recent Parti-Color Cat of the Year – the lovely GC, BW, NW Araho’s Meg Ryan. The most recent top Parti-Color winner is the 2001 Kitten of the Year and another blue-cream, GC, NW Kenkat 1stClass Upgrade of Jadon, DM.

GC, NW Marcus M’Donna, DM, a tortoiseshell Persian female. Br: Mark Hannon, David Raynor and Ann Waddington (Lessee). Ow: Mark Hannon and David Raynor. (1998, Table II)

And finally, we recognize our parti girls who have excelled as producers well beyond the requirements for the DM title. All are tortoiseshells, beginning with GC, NW Marcus M’Donna, DM, who leads the way with 15 grand offspring and is overall the number two Persian female DM, just behind her calico mother!

GC, RW Boberan’s Holiday, DM, is second with 13 grands, followed by GC Mystichill Too Hot To Handle, DM, and GC Budmar’s Tia Maria, DM, each with 12. It is a remarkable feat indeed for a female to produce five grands, let alone more than doubling or tripling that number!

The Road is littered with … Well, you know! They were the “Life of the Parti!”

Below are anecdotes, remembrances, critiques…from breeders, judges, et al., who wanted to share their experiences about those wild ‘n crazy Parti-Girls.

Irene Kachel, Bryn Mawr:

GC, NW Bryn Mawr Georgie Girl, a blue-cream Persian female. Br/Ow: Werner, Irene and Mike Kachel. CFA’s Best Kitten, 1975. ( Table II)

“‘Georgie Girl’ was known as the 70,000 mile kitten and cat during her long show career as a kitten and then as an adult. We drove to all of her shows, thus wearing out our car completely in the process.

Showing ‘Georgie’ was a family affair! I (Irene) groomed. Meanwhile, Werner fed ground chuck made up in little balls to Georgie as she would only eat for him. Mike, our son, always put Georgie in the judging rings. She loved being shown and was admired by all exhibitors as well as the spectators.

As an adult, we drove Georgie to the Houston show in January and had a car-full. Werner, myself, Mike and also Leta Williams plus three cats (as well as Mike’s TV) were packed and could barely move. Yet, we all had a wonderful time. Another great show was at Madison Square Garden in New York City where Georgie Girl went Best Cat in the Best of Best ring under Judge Vaughn Barber – certainly the highlight of Georgie Girl’s show career!

At one of the Dayton Cat Club meetings, I gave a grooming class and Georgie Girl loved every minute of this special treatment. In fact, when I finished she just sat there and looked from side to side, viewing the club members as if to say, ‘Look At Me.’

Georgie Girl and her breeder/owners were truly honored when GC, NW Bryn Mawr’s Georgie Girl became CFA’s Best Kitten 1974-1975 and Second Best Cat 1975-1976. Adding to her laurels, Georgie Girl proved to be a most successful part of the Bryn Mawr story, as she went on to be bred to Tra Mar Happy Fellow of Jensen and produced (among other beautiful cats) the tortoiseshell GC, NW Bryn Mawr Parti Girl, who became CFA’s Fifth Best Kitten and 13th Best Cat.”

Susan Cook Henry, Jadon:

GC, GP, NW Mystichill Mighty High, a blue-cream Persian spay. Br: Diane Silverman. Ow: Mark Hannon, Diane Silverman and Sheila Dye. (Photo at 4 weeks, 1986, Table II)

“At the Invitational Show in St. Louis a good number of years ago (1990, I believe), television coverage of the show’s winners had been arranged for the “CBS Morning Show” in New York City the very next morning. The owners and the cats were to fly first class on TWA, and were put up at a very nice hotel close to the CBS studios. Since I don’t have a yearbook handy just now, my memory fails some of the details – but the Best Cat was a silver tabby American Shorthair who went on to a national win. The Best Kitten was a Toshika copper-eyed white which breed­er/owner Penny Nordman took on to Kitten of the Year. And the Best Cat in Premier­ship was none other than GC, GP, NW Mystichill Mighty High. Co-owner Mark Hannon with breeder Diane Silverman was not able to make the trip to New York, but since I had the time on my hands, Mark allowed me to take Sissy for him.

Many of us remember Sissy’s special judging ring behavior, and her penchant for taking one last swat at the judge as she was put back into her cage. But no one could deny her breathtaking beauty as a representative of the Persian. Thankfully, Sissy was a model child on the way to New York, in the hotel, at the studio, etc. That part was easy… it was a very late night and an even earlier morning for all of us, but we managed to be where we were supposed to be at the right time. I remember the white kitten being used as the model for the opening of the show…and she took no time in jumping to the floor and walking around, checking out the stage as if it were just another living room. Paula Zahn was a co-host at the time and was clearly uncomfortable around cats, but she sucked it up and even held Sissy as I recall, who was on her best behavior. Not good enough for Miss Manners, however, who refused to come into the green room to meet the guests because ‘cats were in there.’

The trip back was more interesting, in that I flew on the shuttle from New York to Washington. Not having a ticket for the cat in the days when those sorts of things were normally checked (and travelling on an airline employee discount), I ended up wrapping Sissy in my jacket and walking through the scanner with her ‘draped’ over my arm. She was a trouper and did not move nor make a sound until we were in the ladies’ room on the other side of security, making the swap back to the carrier, with not one swat or grumble along the way. Got my heart rate down again, and we were off to Washington and Sissy was home to Mark. It was a wonderful experience, and an honor to have charge of such a beautiful girl for several hours for this interesting trip…just one of the many adventures she had to add to her resumé on her way to her third NW title as Best Cat in Premiership!”

Sue Beuerlein, Susan – to DJ Thompson, Jeannel (Allbreed Judge):

GC, GP, NW Jeannel Michelle of Susan, a blue-cream Persian spay. Br: Donna Jean Thompson. Ow: Susan Beuerlein. (1981, Table II)

“My ‘Michelle!’ I do remember her…she was something else. A bit of the tortie gene in her though…especially when I groomed between her toes and her bottom. She did not like that. Michelle was really, GC, GP, NW Jeannel Michelle of Susan, a blue-cream Persian spay who had been a Grand Champion in her former life. She thought she had been retired and was enjoying life at ‘Chalet Thompson’ when this wicked Siamese breeder decided she wanted to ‘experience’ the Persian thing! As you probably do remember Donna Jean, you said, ‘I have a cat you can show in premiership!’ Lucky me! Michelle, at 11 years old, went to her first show and made all the finals as an open. Then as a grand, she went on to be Tenth Best Cat Nationally in Premiership and Second Best Cat Regionally. (There is a lovely picture of her in the 1980-1981 CFA Yearbook under National Winners!)

The judges were so impressed with Michelle’s condition. She came to me in great show shape and held it all year long. Maybe it was because I fed her so much. I was intrigued at watching how a cat with a flat face could eat. I was more familiar with the pointed vacuum cleaner shaped mouths of a Siamese. They can pack it away, but so could Michelle!

The judges were even more impressed with Michelle because she was 11 years old and was in such great condition. She weighed a ton (not really, but close)! She showed beautifully and was always an easy cat to exhibit. Of course, we did have to do the usual every-Thursday-night-thing. She was, after all, a normal Persian when it came to grooming.

Michelle got along with the Siamese. It was her Siamese buddies who helped her quit the show scene, as they kneaded a large portion of her coat (and she truly was dripping in coat) out on a trip to New Jersey. I came home that night and said, ‘No more!’

At the awards banquet forget your joy, Donna Jean. You judged many of the shows we attended and often Michelle lost one of those rings because you were not allowed to judge her. Yet she did so well at those shows in spite of missing a ring. She was that good!

Michelle was 12 years old when the show season ended. She looked just as good when she retired as when she started…no senior citizen there! She lived a long and happy life, just a little chatty concerning something about her retirement being interrupted, but she really did enjoy all the attention.

Sometimes I get that urge to do it again, and then I remember all the powder in my sinuses. That’s when I say, ‘Forget it, Susie.’ However, I did vicariously enjoy this past year reliving the Jeannel saga of National Winners through GC, GP, NW Jeannel Johnny B Good, who became Best Cat in Premiership for 2004-2005. Yet, Michelle was in my mind and always will be the perfect Persian.”

Elaine Crews, Fleurelaine:

GC, GP, NW Brannaway Puddin’ of Fleurelaine, a tortoiseshell female. Br: Anna Sadler. Ow: Ken and Elaine Crews. (2000, Table II)

“I must add my story about my favorite Parti-Color, GC, GP, NW Brannaway Puddin’ of Fleurelaine.

Many, many years ago I was at Anna Sadler’s house. There was a darling tortie kitten running around, and I raved about her. Anna said she was going to pet her out and keep her calico sister because she wanted the color. I kept raving about the tortie – she was just a doll. Finally, Anna said ‘If you like her so much, you take her!’ Which I did. She granded very quickly, bred for us, and was one of our favorite lap cats.

When she was about nine, she jumped into Ken’s lap. He looked at me and asked me to get her in show condition because he wanted the judges to see what an old Persian can look like. We took her out in premiership just to see what she would do. The judges did a double-take when they looked at her, and looked at her age in the book. More than once, the judge would look out to us and say, ‘Is this age correct? She’s really 10 years old?’ They were all amazed. She still had the Persian type, still had the wonderful eye color, and put on a coat to the floor. All at the age of ten.

At first, we were just hoping for a regional win, then it looked like a national was possible, so we started pushing for it. At the end, she ended up Third Best Cat in Premiership nationally! She was ten years and ten months old when we finished. Every time she was put on the judging table, she would swish that tail back and forth – what a story she was telling! ‘Puddin’ just died a few months ago – she was almost 16 years old. She ruled the roost right up until a few months before she died. She told everyone what they could do and when they could do it. Nobody questioned her authority. She will always have a special place in our hearts.”

Lois Jensen, Jensen (Allbreed Judge):

GC, GP, NW Jensen’s Flamen Mame, a tortoiseshell Persian female. Br/Ow: Lois and Clark Jensen. (1976, Table II)

“It is for certain, in this day and age, that the Parti-Color class has fallen. Back in the 1970s and 1980s we had huge classes of tortoiseshells and blue-creams. One year, in February, I judged every weekend that month in Texas. The first weekend there were six blue-cream opens. Each one of those blue-creams was definite grand quality. I made the comment, while judging them the first week, that not one would go home a Champion. Sure enough they didn’t, as they canceled each other out. By the last weekend of that month, only one blue-cream had finally become a Champion (which I used in my finals even though I had not previously awarded it a single winners ribbon).

I also remember one year in Dayton, when we exhibited an open tortie that competed against five other opens. She did go home a Champion that weekend, which was a wonderful surprise. At one show, I remember George Summerville had five blue-creams in his kitten final. Today, we are lucky if we see one or two in an entire class.

We now have huge bi-color classes. It has caused me to wonder if they have hurt the Parti-Color class. Bi-colors are so flashy with all that white, which emphasizes the color in their coats. Or, is it the fact that perhaps breeders are simply not showing Parti-Colors because they believe they would do nothing? I have always maintained that the torties and blue-creams are vital to a good breeding program. In fact, I found that creams out of a blue-cream are sounder and clearer than when you breed cream to cream.”

Paul Patton, Luvlypurr (Allbreed Judge)

“It is truly sad how small the classes have become. When I first started showing, mine was the only calico in a Parti-Color class of 10-15!” (Authors’ note: The Calico and Bi-Color Division was created commencing with the 1991-1992 show season. Prior to this, these cats were included in the Parti-Color Division.)

David Mare, Mar-Ray (Allbreed Judge):

“On Parti-Color Persians… In most cases the good old days weren’t, but our memories seem to picture them better than they happen to be today. Not so the case with Parti-Color Persians – at least as it pertains to color.

As I write this I’m remembering a show I judged…Kansas City, I believe, probably back in the 1970s, when I had three blue-cream grands in the same class. If memory serves me, they were bred and owned by Lillias Bloem, Donna Jean Thompson, and Donna and Susan Cook respectively. Each cat was a treasure – presented in magnificent condition, groomed to perfection and dripping with coat. I can still see them in my mind’s eye – each with pale, icy blue color, dotted with frothy cream color that seemed to jump and sparkle as they moved – one of them with a nearly perfect blaze and a cream patch on the opposite front leg. They were my Best, Second and Third Best Cats (AB) and nothing was more certain to me in my mind. They were three Olympic Gold Medalists and I’ve carried them around in my memory bank since the day I was privileged to have them in my ring.

Perhaps it’s because we don’t color breed Persians as much as we did in the past. Perhaps it’s because there was only so much of that magnificent genetic color to go around and Mother Nature is giving it to us more sparingly. Possibly it’s as simple as you have to see it to believe it and when you do, only then can you be motivated to try to maintain it.

I don’t really know why it’s less common, but I do have the memory and I’ll carry it with me always; and when I get a chance to see it every once in awhile, it makes my heart skip a beat remembering the days when it was much more common.”

Willa Hawke, Rogers Hts (Allbreed Judge):

“Clearly all breeds tend to evolve, but it seems to me that through the past 40 plus years, the Persians, in general, have probably evolved the most, at least in type. Today’s top Persians are more heavily boned, certainly more extreme, better balanced and presented with coats that simply defy description. These advances may have been at the expense of color in some cases, such as blue-creams, but the trade-off has been worth it to my eye.

Better grooming techniques and grooming products, when used correctly, help to create coats that stand off from the body and serve to frame and outline the Persian by emphasizing its well-developed chest and short nose and small, well placed ears. Add to this a large round eye with great eye color, and the result is indeed breathtaking.”

Victoria Nye, Windborne (Allbreed Judge):

GC, GP, NW Ann-Ge Honi Babe of Windborne, a blue-cream Persian spay. Br: Mr. and Mrs. George C. Beal. Ow: Carol J. Hutchings. (1985, 1993, Table II)

About GC, GP, NW Ann-Ge Honi Babe of Windborne:

“‘Honi’ was so easy-going at the shows – she loved people and all the attention. My mom Barbara Farrell, loved showing Honi. She was a real clown. On the way back from the rings she would pull Mom’s glasses off by the temple pieces and try to get on top of her head. At the shows, Honi never hissed or even indicated she noticed another cat.

At home was another story. She was the ALPHA queen. If left to run with the other cats, she would scheme and eventually corner someone and bite them. I treated more Honi caused abscesses. Even when caged, if another cat got close enough or sat on top of her cage, she would hook them with a claw and try to bite them.

When Carol Hutchings asked about showing Honi when she was seven, I told her about her personality ‘disorder.’ Carol figured her house in Saratoga was large enough for her other cat to at least hide from Honi. Honi then became the queen of Carol’s home and off to the shows they went.

Honi got airsick and you had to hold napkins up to her mouth to catch all the bubbles and foam. Car trips were fine; it was only the airplane that caused the salivation. I have only let two of my national winners go to new homes after I show them and get attached. They usually spend the rest of their lives at my house being a pet, but I can honestly say that letting Carol Hutchings have Honi was best for Honi – she had a great life.

About a year after Carol campaigned her to a national win in premiership, she brought Honi for exhibition to the Revelers show. Carol was also in charge of the Education Ring at Revelers and had arranged for her vet to speak. Carol brought Honi to my ring for a visit at lunch time and while loving on Honi, I noticed little BB bumps in her groin and around a back mammary gland. Carol took her over to her vet at the show and made a follow-up visit to his office the following week. Honi had breast surgery and Carol took her to chemotherapy for six months. Though Honi did not have any negative reaction to the chemotherapy, I don’t think it helped either, and we lost her within the year. I think she was 11 years old then. Her life wasn’t as long as I wanted or expected, but she sure did have quality. She is loved and remembered with great joy to this day.

Kim Everett-Hirsch, Pharoh, Swingate (Allbreed Judge):

“To see a beautiful tortie or a blue cream is a sight to behold! The tortie with its black background color and patches or intermingling of red and copper eyes is a stunner. A blue-cream with a pale blue background patched or intermingled with pale cream with copper eyes is equally as beautiful.

Once we saw large classes of torties and blue-creams which is a very challenging class to judge. The classes are generally small now; however, so are some of the other breed and division classes. I feel one reason is that divisions have split in the Persian breed over the years and breeders have taken different paths in their breeding program to work with other colors.

The bi-colors, for example, have become very popular and the Himalayan Persian, which split from being a separate breed, has maintained its numbers in popularity. Bi-colors are flashy because of the white with the color pattern. Himalayans are flashy, too, because of the pointed pattern which many breeds have copied.

Does this mean the Parti-Color class is less popular because they are not seen in the large numbers they once were? No. They are still very popular with those breeders who work with breeding them. A well-bred show tortie or blue-cream can stand alongside any color in the Persian class, or any breed for that matter, and win. It does not take large numbers to do this, just quality.

A tortie is known for her outgoing personality, is playful and yet can have a bit of fire to her. The blue-cream, on the other hand, is always lady-like and demure, rather elegant in fact. The beauty of these two ladies beyond being beautiful show cats is that they can produce a variety of colors and have proven very valuable in many leading breeders’ programs who work with other colors as well.”

Mildred Federico (Paquita) was often heard to say, “Torties pick locks and blue-creams open the door!” And that about sums up our Parti-Colors.

So, let us not lose them …. Bring them back! Let us strive to breed for blue-creams that dazzle and tortoiseshells that seduce. After all, Parti-Colors are CFA’s dancing stars in the sky: bright, theatrical and beautiful – an unbeatable ­combination. They really are the life of the Parti – let’s get ready to “Parti On!”


Lorraine Saunders

Lorraine has written and published articles for the CFA Yearbook since 1989, as well as for the CFA Almanac, Persian News and Cat Fancy Magazine. Also, Lorraine was solely responsible for publicizing CFA’s 2003-2004 COTY, GC, BW, NW Caricature’s Colin Powell’s celebrated photo shoot with “Colin” (the cat!) and Secretary of State Colin Powell in the Treaty Room at the State Department in Washington, DC. This photo shoot resulted in over 464,000 websites (, Google, et al) mentioning the event as well as CNN and major networks on nighttime news, newspapers, radio and wire services, plus Newsweek magazine. Sundew Persians (Melanie and Melisa French and Lorraine Saunders) continue to breed and exhibit primarily dilute and some dominant Solid color and Parti-Color Persians to regional and national wins.

Susan Cook Henry

Susan Cook Henry (along with her mother, Donna Cook) has been showing Solid and Parti-Color Persians in CFA since the first annual Santa Monica Cat Club Show in September, 1966. Since that time, Jadon Persians have had great success thanks to the mentoring by and friendships of many wonderful individuals in the cat fancy. Jadon has the distinction of being the only cattery thus far to have bred and shown cats to the top spots in all three of CFA’s national awards categories: Cat of the Year (1992), Best Cat in Premiership (1995), and Best Kitten (1998 and 2002). Susan has been part of CFA committees and projects in the past, among them the CFA Judging Program as Exhibitor Member as well as being an original member of the core committee, CFA Mentor Program. She has been involved in educational projects with the judging program, including Persian head structure and balance. Most recently, Susan was Persian Breed Council Secretary from 2004-2006.


“The Parti Girls,” by Michael and Nancy Petersen, CFA Almanac, 1995.
Pawpeds Database: (Maintained by: Emil Adén)
The article, along with accompanying charts, is based on information compiled by the authors.