CFA has a New Brand
and Logo!

We are the Subject Matter Experts on pedigreed cats. Collectively, CFA has an unimaginable amount of information amongst all of us. CFA is an elite brand for local cat shows. We are a multi-platform provider of information on pedigreed cats. CFA educates breeders, cat show participants, and the public on cats. CFA is an advocate for the recognition of pedigreed breeds and their breeders. But, equally important is that we are an advocate for ALL cats regardless of whether or not they have a pedigree. CFA has created a new brand voice to project all of this and more. Our voice is our brand’s personality. We designed a new logo and tagline to portray our personality.

For obvious reasons, the design prominently features a cat. Our newest mascat proudly strides across the top of the CFA name, tail up and looking straight ahead — clearly projecting the message that our organization is moving forward.  We also modernized the font in the CFA name and brightened up the gold tone of the lettering.  Together, the updated font and color give the logo a bold, fresh, eye-catching look.

The complete presentation, which includes our new tagline, “We Know Cats,” resonates energy and confidence, leaving no question as to CFA’s position in the pet industry and its enduring strength as an organization.

The logo can be used with and without the tag line, We Know Cats.  There is the standard version (horizontal), the stacked version (more vertical, almost square), and the abbreviated logo with just the cat and CFA. The abbreviated logo is for more casual use or when space is really tight such as a rosette head.

Our brand guide is the instruction manual on how the CFA brand should be communicated.  It contains the standards required to represent CFA correctly both internally and externally, and is our digital rulebook that specifies every aspect of the look and feel of our new brand. We’ll make a short version available for you soon and will always be available for questions.

CFA Logo Files: to request a copy of any of the new CFA logos for usage, please contact Teresa Keiger at, for assistance.

Stay tuned for updates to this page to include links to the CFA store, the guideline to logo usage and more.

New logo animations:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I use the new logo in our upcoming show?

In as many places as possible. In addition to ring signs with the new logo, CFA will also send signs with just the CFA logo that can be placed throughout the show hall. We are investigating other options for shows too.

What do we do with items for shows that have the old logo such as:

Any new rosettes purchased should have the new CFA logo. It is OK to continue reusing rosettes with the old logo and deplete that supply.
Permanent Flats
It’s acceptable to continue using permanent flats with an old logo, however, please be sure to use the new logo for any new permanent flats produced.
Show Decorations
It’s OK to use decorations with the old logo, however, please make every effort to transition to the new logo by January 2024.
Ring Signs
Within the next couple months, you’ll start receiving ring signs from CFA which have the new logo. It’s OK to use ring signs previously sent to you.
Other Signage
Please make every effort to use signs with the new logo and to be sure and use the new logo for any new signs produced.

What about the Proud Show Sponsor logo?

Will there be a replacement for it? No, the new CFA logo is all that is needed on the show flyer, the catalog cover, paid advertising, etc.

When and where can I purchase items with the CFA logo?

The CFA storefront will debut in several weeks. The link to the storefront will be on this page when available. This is where you’ll be able to purchase CFA mugs, insulated tumblers, clothing, etc. All with the new CFA logo on them.

Who do I contact for questions regarding logo usage, colors, etc.?

Teresa Keiger will be the first point of contact, She’ll be able to assist you or put you in touch with someone who can.

What about the “badges” to denote Breed Council members, Cattery of Excellence, etc.?

This area is being reviewed and an announcement will be made on this page with information.