What Is a Protégé?

Mentoring ProgramIf you meet one or more of the following criteria, you are a potential protégé:

  • Novice breeder
  • Someone who has registered their first litter.
  • Exhibitor ready to move into breeding.
  • Someone who is “testing the waters” of the cat fancy.
  • Someone who is getting ready to purchase their first pedigreed show or breeding cat.
  • A breeder with a small to moderate amount of experience ready for a more in depth experience in the cat fancy.
Is that all?

In essence, yes, that is all. It does not hurt to also be someone who is:

  • A member of a CFA club.
  • An individual who has a sound moral and ethical basis.
  • An individual is willing to learn and grow.
  • An individual searching for guidance in making their choices in breeding as well as advances (and in advancing) in showing.
Must a newcomer or a novice to the cat fancy participate in the CFA Mentor Program?

No, participation in the program is optional and inclusive. The Mentor Program is not a mandatory activity for participation in the activities and programs of CFA, and it is open to anyone who wishes to participate.

What should a protégé expect from a mentor?

A protégé can expect sound advice, guidance and nurturing from a CFA mentor with years of experience in the cat fancy. Keep in mind that a mentor cannot make decisions for you, and all decisions to follow or not follow a mentor’s advice are yours alone to make.

What are the major benefits of participating in the CFA Mentor Program?

There are many, but the major benefits are to:

  • Receive assistance in “learning the ropes” related to breeding and exhibiting.
  • Receive assistance in developing the best practices related to initiating and developing a breeding program and exhibiting pedigreed cats.
  • Gain access to the knowledge of experienced breeders and exhibitors.
  • Have a direct connection with and support of one or more mentors.
  • Develop opportunities for networking.
  • Gain assistance in avoiding costly mistakes and in identifying showable cats.
  • Receive assistance in learning how to manage a breeding program.
  • Gain encouragement to continue to acquire information and education related to the breeding and care of the pedigreed cat.
  • Appreciate the importance of diversity in the cat fancy.

Sign up as a Protégé of the CFA Mentor Program by completing the application.

Email your questions to mentoring@cfa.org!