Membership and Cat Clubs FAQs

How do I become a member of CFA?

CFA does not have individual members, but is an association of member clubs. Memberships can be obtained in CFA member clubs only.

How can I start a CFA cat club?

In order to apply for membership in CFA, your club would need to have a minimum of 10 members. There is an application form which needs to be filled out and sent in to Central Office along with:
(a) a check for $120.00 to cover the current year’s club fees;
(b) a check for $100.00 to cover the application processing;
(c) a list of club officers with addresses;
(d) a list of club members with addresses;
(e) a constitution and by-laws for the club.

  • If for some reason the club is denied membership in CFA, the $120.00 will be returned. The $100.00 application fee is non-refundable.
  • Club fee
Our club secretary has changed. Who do we notify?

The designation of a new Secretary of Record for any member club shall be made in writing to the CFA Central Office at 260 East Main St. Alliance, OH 44601, by the existing Secretary of Record, OR

If the existing Secretary of Record is unavailable or otherwise unable to make such designation, a letter must be sent to the Central Office which has been signed by all other existing officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer) of the member club designating a new Secretary of Record and stating the reason(s) why the previous Secretary of Record is unable to make the designation.

Until one of the above requirements is met, the Central Office is not authorized to change a club’s files to reflect a new secretary.