Cat Island

A story by Helen Nyman
Illustrations by Emma Pennisi

Once upon a time there was an island that was inhabited only by cats.

Cats from all over the world that had never had a home or a family to look after them, or had been abandoned, travelled to this island knowing here they would be welcome.

There was a King and a Queen who ruled Cat Island. The King was called Freddy. He was a mixed breed, half Persian, half tabby. He was much loved by all his subjects. King Freddy always seemed to have a smile on his face and his greatest pleasure was playing tricks on other cats.

The Queen was called Suzi and she was very different from King Freddy. Queen Suzi was a pure breed Persian, with a magnificent fluffy tail, which she cleaned continuously. When she wasn’t grooming herself she was either eating delicate little specialities that her cook Tilly prepared for her, or she rolled on her back waiting for the “Royal Belly Rubber” to come and scratch her tummy, until she fell asleep purring so loudly that King Freddy had to put earplugs in so as not to be disturbed!