Can I help at a cat show?

That depends on how old you are and if you are able to work quietly and efficiently all day in a judging ring. Clubs will normally hire youngsters to work as Ring Stewards.

The function of the steward is to thoroughly clean every judging cage before the cats are placed in them to be judged. This cleaning process utilizes a disinfectant and deodorizing solution that is sprayed into each cage. Just as the judges clean their hands and judging stand in between cats, this cage cleaning process is another step to eliminate the transfer of diseases from cat to cat.

As cats are removed from the ring, the steward sprays the cleaning solution into each cage and then uses paper towels to wipe down all sides and the bottom. It is essential that each cage be thoroughly dry before cats are placed in them.

Quite often service organizations such as girl scout and boy scout troops, 4-H, and Job’s Daughters, are happy to perform the stewarding duties at shows as a means of earning money for their group. In addition, individuals in groups such as the 4-H and scouts are able to earn badges for their work at the cat show. Donations to the organization are made by the sponsoring club.

Working as a ring steward is a very important and demanding job, however the rewards of seeing all the beautiful cats being judged and the experience gained by interacting closely with the ring clerk and judge far outweigh the hard work.

If you are interested in stewarding at a show, talk to the people at the door who are running the show you attend. Stewards are normally hired well in advance of the show, but you can certainly put your name on a list as “interested in being a steward” the next time the show is in town.