Feline Fanciers of Benelux
Handling and Training Ring Entry Form


Have you ever… wondered how it feels to stand behind the judging table?
Have you ever…. wanted to handle different breeds other than your own?
Have you ever…. wanted to expand your knowledge about the beautiful breeds you see in the ring?
Were you ever…. curious about how CFA judges organise their day in the judging ring?
Are you perhaps… considering to become a CFA judge and you want to take a first step?

FELINE FANCIERS OF BENELUX is bringing you that opportunity!

During the show Feline Fanciers of Benelux will be providing access to a Handling & Training Ring conducted by CFA AB judges Peter Vanwonterghem and Pam DelaBar.  There is no charge for this handling/training ring.


What: Training/Handling Ring for interested individuals
Where:  A separate Handling & Training Ring at the Feline Fanciers of Benelux show
When:  Saturday and/or Sunday, September 17 and 18, 2022
Timing: to be coordinated around exhibiting schedules
Who: We welcome all interested parties – new exhibitors, experienced breeders, potential judging program applicants.
How will it work?

  • You must sign up in advance using the form listed below.
  • You will identify which specialty (Longhair or Shorthair) you want to handle.
  • On average you will handle 3 – 5 cats (can be kittens, Championship or Premiership cats).
  • In one-on-one sessions with a CFA AB judge, you will handle the cats in a judging ring as if you are the officiating judge. A CFA judge will be there to assist you, share tips for handling and exchange ideas about the cats you have handled.
  • The breeds that you will handle will be determined after all entries have been tabulated and after we have cross-checked which cats will be available for the handling class. You are welcome to attend several breed sessions if time permits.
  • All participants will get a CFA Handling &Training Certificate.
  • This Handling & Training Class is not a test. Acceptance into the CFA Judging Program does not depend on how well you do in this class. We hope that this will be a positive experience for everybody and that it is a first step in discovering and developing your talents.

Questions?  Email Peter Vanwonterghem at peter@vanwonterghem.com