Judging Applicants for Consideration at the October 2024 Board Meeting:

Siim Koppel
Longhair First Specialty
Murfreesboro, TN

Chris Lee
Shorthair First Specialty
Shenyang, China

Information concerning the moral character, temperament and ethics, and the spectrum of experience concerning the breeding and showing (and agenting) of cats would be helpful to the CFA Executive Board in the evaluation of applicants to the Judging Program. The manner in which an applicant’s cats are housed and cared for is also pertinent. See Judging Program Rules, Section V under 7. Recommendations: a,b,c,d,e,f, as well as the Judges’ Code of Ethics for more information on what the Board of Directors will require in an excellent candidate.

Recommendations or concerns are encouraged so that the Judging Program Committee and ultimately the CFA Board of Directors may make an informed decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of any individual making an application to the CFA Judging Program. All letters require a signature. Anonymous letters will not be accepted. Negative letters must be documented and substantiated. All negative letters will be shared with the applicant to offer the opportunity for rebuttal. All letters and responses, if any, will accompany the application.

Please send letters by email or snail mail to the Applications Administrator (see below) by the deadline indicated:

Letters due by August 15, 2024

Letters of recommendation, or copies thereof, must not be sent to the applicant, nor may the applicant ask for any preview of recommendations. Multiple recommendations stemming from one source will be treated as a single recommendation. Please send letters to:

Leslie Carr — Region 1-9 Applicants
13224 Wellington Hills Dr
Riverview, FL  33579

Jodell Raymond — International Division Applicants
70 Beekman Place
Rochester, NY  14620
585-233-0368 cell
585-442-8237 home



  • Be of good reputation, both in the cat fancy and your community.
  • Have a complete understanding of the most current CFA Standards, CFA Show Rules and the CFA Judging Program Rules.
  • Be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Have a current Master Clerk License.
  • Have had Custodial Experience
  • Attend a CFA Breed Awareness and Orientation School for the appropriate specialty within two years of applying.
  • Have exhibited outside of your region of residence. (requirements vary by region)
  • Have a CFA Cattery registration certificate for seven (7) years breeding experience
  • Have a club membership verification, indicating five years of active, continuous membership, which must be signed by the club President and Secretary.
  • Meet the Scorecard requirements.
  • Have a litter registration certificate, proving that you bred your first litter, with your cattery name as prefix, at least seven (7) years prior to your date of application.
  • Have an Exhibitor Resume.
  • Provide a statement of why you want to be a CFA Judge.
  • Have a copy of your application filled out, signed by your Regional Director and sent directly to the Judging Program Applications Administrator.
  • Three CFA Club recommendations.
  • Have marked a catalog with an Allbreed Judge. Have a statement that the paperwork was found error free.
  • Have three letters of personal recommendations/character reference be sent directly to the Judging Program Administrator.
  • Have created two copies of the application, one for CFA and one for your files.
  • Provide the current application fee and photo of yourself.
  • Meet the applicable application deadline date. (See Deadline Dates).