Effective: Immediately through December 31, 2021

This document reflects the fact that different regions, states, and countries have had widely disparate responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and is for the well-being of clubs and participants at CFA events.

CFA supports clubs ready to hold events in locations that are open and permit gatherings. CFA supports each club’s informed decision to reschedule, postpone, or cancel their respective events.

The following is a list of required and recommended guidelines when planning or attending a CFA cat show. Clubs need to remain current with and adhere to guidance, requirements, recommendations, and changes/updates as outlined by CFA; local, county, state, national regulations; and event facility regulations.

CFA Mandatory COVID-19 Requirements

1. All attendees (club members, show committee, officials, participants, vendors and spectators) are required to follow “CFA Mandatory COVID-19 Requirements”; local, county, state, national regulations; and event facility regulations that apply to the area for their type of event and site
where the event is held.

2. Events need to be held in a manner that emphasizes the safety of all participants and event officials.

3. Where standards differ, the club must adhere to the more restrictive standard.

4. Those entering the show hall are welcome to wear a mask. We respect everyone’s right to protect their health.

5. Clubs must implement entry limits that can be supported by the size of the show hall.

6. Specific guidelines established by the club, region, or area must be published in the: show flyer, club website, club social media and advertisements, and posted on signage at their event.

7. The current CFA “COVID-19 Attendee Advisory” must be posted at all entrances. The Advisory is included in the show package and online as a PDF:

8. Clubs are required to publish their intent to allow spectators at the show:

a. In regard to exhibitors, this communication must be published in the show flyer, club website, club social media and advertisements, and the entry confirmation sent to the exhibitor.
b. In regard to judges, this communication must be on the invitation.
c. If after licensing and communication to the exhibitors and judges, the club determines they would like to have spectators, the club is required to advise the exhibitors and the judges promptly.

9. Vendors must also follow retail guidelines for the area.

10. Show managers are responsible for enforcement of all CFA mandatory COVID-19 requirements; local, county, state, national regulations; and event facility regulations on the day(s) of the show.

CFA Recommended COVID-19 General Practices

  1. Avoid congregating to the extent possible.
  2. Wash hands as frequently as possible.
  3. Hand sanitizer available at every entrance to the site and at multiple locations within the site.
  4. Individuals over the age of two not vaccinated are encouraged to wear a mask.

CFA Recommended COVID-19 Event Practices

1. The size and layout of a show hall will determine the opportunities available to clubs.

2. Set up cages with doors in the front and back (if available), and have cats placed in cages from the back of the ring.

3. Clerks and stewards should sanitize their hands frequently.

4. Design the spaces in the benching areas to comply with the guidelines in place at the time.


Additional Information to Protect Yourself and Others



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