CFA’s Cattery of Distinction Award

Cattery of Distinction

The purpose of these awards is to acknowledge Catteries that have reached certain thresholds of Grands produced.

Catteries who have earned this award, current through the end of April 2024, are listed here – the list is updated annually, at the end of the show season.

The number of Grands will be based on the registered cattery name, not individual breeders. Breeders who have bred under multiple cattery names may petition the Board to have the Grands from both cattery names combined for purposes of this award using this form. Grand Champions and Grand Premiers are counted equally, but if an individual cat achieves both titles it will only be counted once. Grands may be of one or multiple breeds.

Catteries who achieve these awards can display the following on their websites: “CFA Cattery of Distinction – Tier I” or the appropriate level.

For all Tiers, the cattery will receive a certificate suitable for framing from CFA, as well as recognition at the owner’s Regional Awards Banquet. For Tier V and above, the owner will also receive acknowledgement at the National Awards Banquet with a suitable award.

  • Tier I – 10 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
  • Tier II – 25 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
  • Tier III – 50 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
  • Tier IV – 75 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
  • Tier V – 100 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
  • Tier VI – 150 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
  • Tier VII – 200 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
  • Tier VIII – 250 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
  • Tier IX – 300 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers
  • Tier X – 350 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers


Superior Embellishment

At each tier, an additional ranking of “Superior” can be added if a certain number of DM’s accompanies the Grands. For example, if a cattery at Tier II (25 Grands) also has 3 DM’s, then they would be eligible for the award “CFA Cattery of Distinction – Tier II Superior.”


The following number of DM’s would be required at each Tier:

  Tier I – 1 DM (10 Grands) 		Tier VI – 12 DM’s (150 Grands)
  Tier II – 3 DM’s (25 Grands) 	        Tier VII – 16 DM’s (200 Grands)
  Tier III – 4 DM’s (50 Grands)	        Tier VIII – 20 DM’s (250 Grands)
  Tier IV – 6 DM’s (75 Grands) 	        Tier IX – 25 DM’s (300 Grands)
  Tier V – 8 DM’s (100 Grands) 	        Tier X – 30 DM’s (350 Grands)


This allows for both categories to be celebrated, putting a higher emphasis on quality over quantity. However, even if a cattery doesn’t achieve the superior rating, it doesn’t marginalize their achievements.

The Superior rating can be added after a Tier level increases. For example,a cattery that is at Tier II and only has 2 DM’s when they achieve 25 Grands can still merit the Superior rating if they achieve a 3rd DM before they reach Tier III. If they reach 50 grands without a 4th DM, they will lose the Superior rating until they achieve that 4th DM.