CFA Programs

Ambassador Program

Ambassador ProgramThe CFA Ambassador Program will help exhibitors give a public face to the cat fancy and offers knowledge transfer from those of you who know to the interested public. You will see some of us wearing buttons that say ” Ask Me.” The buttons are to provide the public with a contact person. If we don’t have the answer, we will get it. Our Handbook is a wonderful tool for talking about CFA and their positions on many cat related subjects.

If you’re exhibiting at a show and want to help the public learn about CFA and the pedigreed cat, understand how the rings work and what the cat show is about, etc., you may enroll in the CFA Ambassador Program to help. You will receive an identity button, a cage topper and a handbook so you can become totally familiar with answers to the most frequently asked questions at a cat show. The CFA Ambassador Program is a first-rate resource for those who are interested in helping people understand CFA.

Animal Welfare Committee

No other organization does more for the health and welfare of cats than The Cat Fanciers’ Association. Consider the far-reaching effects of the health studies financed by the EveryCat Health Foundation. Consider the effect of our cattery inspection program, and our commitment, worldwide, to rescue and aid cats displaced during disasters. On top of that add in our Trap, Test, Vaccinate, Alter, Identify and Release Program for managed feral cat colonies, our promotion of responsible pet ownership and public education, our dedication to present the most beautiful cats in the world to the public, and our quest to constantly do the “right thing”.

Education is one of our priorities, and we are working on proposals for ethics and education. Pamphlets are being drafted, in conjunction with the animal health committee, for buyer education and youth education regarding responsible pet ownership. A new program will see vet students receive copies of our breed profiles, EveryCat Health Foundation information, and a presentation on our CFA recognized breeds, cattery management, the CFA Inspection program, disaster relief, and a discussion of breeder/veterinarian relationships.

CFA has been an integral part of the disaster rescue picture. At the Disaster Summit hosted by the American Humane Association, CFA was recognized as the expert in cat rescue and aid, and will be a vital participant in any future disaster rescue mission as warranted. Our goal is to provide the appropriate level of resourcing based on the disaster, be it money, personnel, supplies, and/or equipment.

Taken from Animal Welfare Committee report to Annual Meeting June 1995

Breeders’ Assistance Program

CFA has developed a program for owners of catteries who find themselves overwhelmed for various reasons.

The program aims to help and support breeders, who find themselves in an out-of-control situation, by making assistance available through other breeders. Help and support will be provided upon request.

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Feline Agility

Feline AgilityYou’ve all heard about dog agility competitions, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching the dogs whip through the obstacle courses with determination and speed. It’s amazing how they can climb up and down those high steps and race through those weave pole areas with such ease and speed. Now, can you actually imagine a cat lowering its dignity enough to do that?

But, of course! Cats are definitely trainable and most are willing to follow a feather or dangling toy anywhere!

For more information, please visit the Feline Agility website

For Kids… About Cats!!

This site introduces youngsters to the various pedigreed breeds, explains cats shows & judging, includes games and puzzles, as well as resources for parents and teachers.

For more information, please visit the For Kids… About Cats!! website


Mentoring Program

Do you want to show and/or breed pedigreed cats? If so, then the CFA Mentor Program is the place to start!

There is a lot to learn, and you will surely have many questions about things such as planning a cattery, selecting foundation breeding cats, raising kittens, grooming and nutrition. An experienced CFA mentor can offer guidance and advice to point you in the right direction and help you make good decisions along the way.

Signing up for the Mentor Program is easy!  Please send an email to for more details.

Check out the links below for complete information about the CFA Mentor Program, as well as some great self-help articles – discover the world of pedigreed cats and CFA – we are waiting for you!

The NewBee Program

NewBeeThe motto of the The Cat Fanciers’ Association NewBee Program is “Positive Experience. Positively Fun!” We believe that exhibiting pedigreed cats should be a positive, rewarding experience. The sport may be competitive, but the rewards of learning about and improving your breed and connecting with exhibitors (who may even turn out to be lifelong friends) is the real reward that the cat fancy has to offer.

For more information, please visit the NewBee website

EveryCat Health Foundation

The EveryCat Health Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charitable organization. Originally founded as Winn Feline Foundation in 1968 by The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc., EveryCat supports health related studies into medical problems affecting cats. Projects funded by The EveryCat Health Foundation have provided much of the information that is used every day in all aspects of feline veterinary medicine.

The EveryCat Health Foundation also strives to improve the health of cats through awareness and communication — by providing information, guidance, referrals and resources concerning feline health matters to the CFA Board of Directors, breeders, veterinarians, humane/welfare organizations, the media and cat owners — and by obtaining data and information which will benefit those working to better the health of cats.

To assist in this endeavor, EveryCat is fortunate to have the volunteer services of a number of individuals, including professionals within the feline health care community. In addition, there are those with technical skills consistent with the dissemination of information, and others vitally interested in our goals.

Day-to-day activities involve identifying realistic projects and securing the manpower to bring these projects to fruition. The EveryCat Health Foundation also works with CFA’s Breed Councils and has established a number of breed specific funds devoted to research to fulfill their needs and wishes. The collection and organization of reference materials is necessary in order to respond to requests for information. Connected with this is the promotion and improvement of CFA/breeder/veterinarian communications through the attendance and reporting of feline health seminars and veterinarian association meetings.

In accordance with this mission, the EveryCat Health Foundation is committed to providing regular articles and health information for various CFA publications and this website.

For more information about the Winn Feline Foundation please visit their web site at:
To make your donation go to:

Youth Feline Education Program

Youth Feline Education ProgramCFA-YFEP engages youth from 7 to 18 in activities from drawing a poster, to doing a breed presentation, to working on a show committee, to taking a therapy cat to visit a hospital unit.

The program is designed to allow youth to enjoy the cat fancy and excel at their own pace through the activities and age categories while enhancing their appreciation for felines and feline inspired professions.

For more information, please visit the YFEP website