The Cat Fanciers’ Association Welcomes Four New Clubs

April 25, 2020

The Cat Fanciers’ Association® (CFA), the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats, continues to expand its global outreach. At the April 14, 2020, CFA Board of Directors meeting the board approved the membership applications of the following four clubs:

  • Indian Cat Club – Hyderabad, India
  • Orange Cat Club – Orange, France
  • Starry Sky Cat Fanciers’ Club – Chengdu, China
  • Vietnam Cat Club – Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam Cat Club is the first pedigreed cat club in Vietnam for any pedigree registry, and Indian Cat Club marks CFA’s second club in India. CFA has had numerous clubs in China and in Europe for a number of years.

CFA cat clubs are the face of CFA at the local level and bring the sport of the cat fancy to their communities. Clubs hold an average of 400 cat shows every year in accordance with CFA rules, where licensed judges evaluate the pedigreed cats being shown to determine the degree to which each cat meets the breed standard established by its CFA breed council. The judges’ decisions help ensure the integrity of the CFA recognized breeds. Non-pedigreed cats participate at shows in Household Pet competition, where they are judged and ranked based on health, condition, beauty and personality.

In addition to sponsoring shows, CFA clubs support cat breeders, offering assistance to help them improve their knowledge of animal husbandry and develop responsible breeding programs. Many clubs offer feline health and responsible pet ownership education during shows and also provide community outreach services; free vending, pet food donations and space for local cat adoption groups. In 2019, CFA clubs helped over 1200 kittens and cats find their forever homes.

Founded in 1906, CFA now boasts 620 clubs worldwide and is recognized as the most respected feline registry in the world. For more information about The Cat Fanciers’ Association® please visit or contact Desiree Bobby at