CFA Bestows First Grand Household Pet Titles

June 26, 2015

CFA officially recognizes household pets for regional awards & bestows first CFA grand household pet titles

Pictured: GH Blaise, owned by Sue Robbins of Madison, VA

Beginning with the 2015-16 show season which began on May 1, 2015, CFA is officially scoring the Household Pet class with all household pet cats having the opportunity to earn official CFA titles.

Household pets are judged in one group without regard to sex, coat length, age, or color. There is not a written standard for Household Pets, although the CFA Show Rules state that they may not be declawed. If a cat is over eight (8) months of age, s/he must be neutered or spayed.
Household pets are judged for their uniqueness, pleasing appearance, unusual markings, and sweet dispositions. Each household pet which reflects good health and vitality, receives a CFA Merit Award (red/white). At the end of judging, the best Household Pets are introduced in a top ten final.

The first Grand Household Pets – Blaise owned by Sue Robbins of Madison, VA and Gromit owned by Julie Benzer of Mesa, AZ – were awarded their Grand HHP titles at the beginning of the new CFA Show season. CFA awards the title of Grand Household Pet (abbreviated GH) to a household pet that earns 200 points from a minimum of six different judges. There is not any time limit for the points, and the points can be earned over different show seasons.

Sue Robbins, the owner of Blaise said, “Showing in the Household Pet class is a great way to make friends in a hobby that is fun for the whole family! Most of us have more than one rescue cat, and every cat has a special story.”

GH Blaise Pictured: GH Gromit, owned by Julie Benzer of Mesa, AZ

Julie Benzer, the owner of Gromit said, “I think one of the best parts about showing household pets is that every judge is different. Due to the fact that there is no set standard for HHPs, they have each had to develop their own criteria for judging and ranking the cats. So, while one judge might not particularly like your cat, the next one might fall in love with it. It’s also the one class where you get to see some of the truly magnificent colors and patterns pulled off by Mother Nature when she is left to her own devices.”

At the end of the show season in April 2016, CFA will award the title of Household Pet Regional Winner (abbreviated HRW) or Household Pet Divisional Winner (abbreviated HDW) to the 10 highest scoring Household Pets in each region or division of CFA. The minimum number of points required for this title is 100 (50 in certain geographic areas).

Learn more about showing Household Pets in CFA and how you and your cat can participate.

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