Declared Candidates:
Breed Council Secretaries

Submission of Declarations: Signed written notice of intent to be a candidate must BE RECEIVED in the Central Office by August 1, 2020 to be included on the 2020 ballot. Declarations received via fax are acceptable. Receipt of declarations is acknowledged by the Central Office; therefore, if an acknowledgment is not received within 3 weeks after declaration has been mailed, please contact the office immediately. Note: Declarations should not be co-mingled with any other material (e.g. registration applications, show license applications, etc.)

Breed Council declarations may be sent via mail, fax or electronically scanned to Allene Tartaglia at Central Office.

Breed Council Declaration Form

Elected secretaries indicated with **

Longhair Breeds:
American Bobtail** Shelby Friemoth, San Diego, CA
American Curl** Michael Bull, Murrieta, CA
Birman** Karen Lee Lane, Delray Beach, FL
Exotic** Lynn A. Cooke, Kings Park, NY
Cary R. Plummer, Pecatonica, IL
Maine Coon Cat** Bethany Colilla, Columbus, OH
Norwegian Forest Cat** J. Brook Cole, Cincinnati, OH
Persian** Carissa Altschul, Joshua, TX
RagaMuffin** Laura Gregory, Lutz, FL
Christine Jeffer, Morrow, OH
Ragdoll** Isabelle Bellavance, St. Charles, QC
SiberianSherrie Phelps, O’Fallon, MO
** Iris Zinck, Medford, MA
Turkish Angora** Alene Shafnisky, Trexlertown, PA
Turkish Van** Linda Gorsuch, Accokeek, MD
Shorthair Breeds:
Abyssinian** Edward Fry, Brownsboro, AL
American Shorthair** Carol W. Johnson, Newburg Park, CA
Dawn Skupin, Township, MI
American Wirehair** Jan Rogers, Stephenville, TX
Balinese (including Javanese)** Lorna Friemoth, Columbus, OH
BengalMelody Boyd, Richmond Hill, GA
** Samantha Kerr, Cardington, OH
Bombay** Jeri Zottoli, Harrisburg, PA
British Shorthair** Cynthia Byrd, Brea, CA
Burmese** Art Graafmans, Newport Beach, CA
Karen Thomas, Locust Grove, GA
Burmilla** Stephanie Mohr, Nine Mile Falls, WA
Chartreux** Orca Starbuck, Albany, CA
Colorpoint Shorthair** Kathryn Brady, Kissimmee, FL
Cornish Rex** Michael Blees, Charlotte, NC
Devon Rex** Linda Peterson, Clifton, VA
Egyptian Mau** Melanie Morgan, Louisa, VA
European BurmeseJudith Bemis, Berea, KY
Allene Keating, Baldwin City, KS
** Vote resulted in a tie – run-off election is currently in progress
Havana Brown** LeAnn Rupy, Spring Grove, IL
Japanese Bobtail** Marianne Clark, Beavercreek, OR
Korat** Cheryl Coleman, Nashville, TN
LaPerm** Dennis Ganoe, Milwaukie, OR
Manx** Joy Yoders-Day, Eastampton, NJ
Ocicat** Sonja Moscoffian, Salisbury, NC
Oriental** Dotti Olsen, Tucson, AZ
Russian Blue** Annette Wilson, South Haven, MI
Scottish Fold** Marilee Griswold, Blythewood, SC
Selkirk Rex** Laura Barber, Sevierville, TN
Siamese** Betsy Arnold, Rochester, NY
Singapura** Ikuyo Takase, Nara, Japan
Somali** Charlene Munro, Acworth, GA
Sphynx** Cyndee Hill, Chesapeake, VA
Tonkinese** Claire Dubit, Owings Mills, MD
Committee Chairs for Miscellaneous/Provisional Breeds:
Khao ManeeFrederic Goedert, Amposta, Spain
LykoiDesiree Bobby, Port Sanilac, MI
ToybobMargo Hill, Norwalk, CT