Cat’s Ancestral Tracking Service(CATS)

The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. (CFA) has instituted a program which allows cats that do not meet CFA’s requirements for standard registration to be recorded with CFA for the purpose of establishing a line of breeding. This system is suitable for cats of new breeds and for cats of CFA’s recognized breeds when it is not possible to meet the usual requirements for registration, i.e. submission of a certified pedigree from another association.

CFA is offering this new service, called Cat’s Ancestral Tracking Service (CATS), as a supplement to our regular breed registry. Participation in CATS is intended to provide an accurate recording of a cat’s ancestry and that cat’s future generations. The intention is to build a pedigree history for the cat and its offspring. The desired end result would be to have recorded a sufficient number of generations (that conform to the usual requirements for the breed) to allow for the possible acceptance of the line into CFA’s standard registration files.

A cat recorded under this system will not be issued the standard CFA certificate of registration, is not guaranteed acceptance or breed recognition into CFA’s usual registry, and is not eligible for showing in CFA. For this line to cross over from CATS to our standard registration database, all future generations would be required to meet the usual CFA registration requirements.

Cats may be listed in the CATS database, which will be completely separate from our regular system, under the following possible circumstances. Other situations will be considered on an individual basis.

  • Recognized breeds with insufficient number of generations of ancestry to be included in the CFA registry, such as Siamese or Abyssinians with fewer than 8 generations of known and registered background.
  • Recognized breeds with NO ancestral history, such as cats in or from a country with a developing cat fancy, which has no registration association in which to record a cat’s history and therefore cannot supply the required certified pedigrees necessary for standard registration.
  • Recognized breeds from organizations currently not recognized by CFA for cross-registration purposes (ICE, ACE, UFO, etc.).
  • Breeds recognized for registration by other associations, but not by CFA, such as Australian Mist, Peterbalds, etc.
  • Cats whose breed is not currently accepted for registration in CFA or any other association.
  • Cats that would not be eligible for registration with CFA due to breeds and/or colors found in the background and which are not accepted by CFA as allowable outcrosses.

Please read CFA’s Policy on the Breeding of Domestic and Non-Domestic Cats

PLEASE NOTE: The CATS system was not established for the recording of pets or for those cats which have been altered. CATS was created to be used by breeders who wish to perpetuate a particular line of breeding by recording each generation for eventual acceptance of future offspring for both breeding and showing purposes. It is meant for those who are willing to take the necessary steps over what could be a number of generations in order to record the existence of a particular line of cats. Recording of a cat using this plan would have no practical advantage for the non-breeding pet owner.

The fees for this service are as follows:

$10.00 per individual cat
Only individual cats will be accepted for recording in the CATS system. It will not be possible to apply for the recording of entire litters using the standard litter application process.

The application to enter your cat into the CATS system is available in a PDF format or a copy can be obtained through the CFA office. Photocopies of all available documentation (pedigrees, etc., letters, or import documents, if any) should be submitted along with the application, which must be signed and dated by the applicant. At least one color photo must also be enclosed, which will become part of the cat’s permanent file and cannot be returned.

$20.00 to transfer a cat from CATS to the CFA’s main registry.
The conversion to standard registration will not be initiated automatically by CFA once standard registration requirements have been met. It will be the responsibility of the cat’s owner to make the request for transfer. The request should be in writing and should include the return of the CATS certificate for the cat along with the required transfer fee.

The application to enter your cat into the CATS system is available in a PDF format.

Questions can be submitted via email, or by phone at 330-680-4070330-680-4070.

The completed form and fees should be mailed to:
The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc.
260 East Main Street
Alliance, OH 44601