More than 100 years ago, feline enthusiasts – who called themselves “cat fanciers” – came together to share their passion for beautiful cats. That same passion is alive today.

Once an invitation-only competition, the CFA International Show and Expo is now a public event for fantastic felines to see and be seen. Now, cat lovers can come to this annual event to celebrate pedigreed and non-pedigreed cats, enjoy various cat competitions, indulge in feline-centric shopping, learn about cat care, be entertained, and even find a new best friend. 

1925 Cat Show
CFA Cat Show at the Hotel Statler, Cleveland, Ohio - December 4, 1925.
Photo courtesy of The CFA Foundation

Come join us on October 12-13 2024 as we return to the I-X Center, Cleveland, Ohio once again to celebrate over 1,000 famous cats, fancy cats, adoptable cats, athletic cats, and influencer cats. More than 15,000 cat lovers and enthusiasts will enjoy two full days of cat competitions, performances, adoptions, shopping, contests, and more.

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