Please note: This list is provided for the convenience of those who may wish to know the identities of persons carried on CFA records as being breeders of CFA-recognized breeds of pedigreed cats. CFA makes no representations or warranties with respect to the breeding or business practices of any of the persons so identified. CFA strongly recommends that transactions with breeders be undertaken with the same caution and due diligence as one would devote to any important business matter.

This is not a complete list of CFA registered breeders, but only those who have chosen to participate in the online breeder listing. For a full list of CFA registered catteries, please see our cattery name index.

Cattery Name State Country Breeds
Gotier (View Listing) FL United States Siamese
Havacat (View Listing) MS United States Havana Brown
HEATHBAR (View Listing) VA United States Maine Coon
Heavnzsent Cattery (View Listing) WI United States Siberian
High Country Cats (View Listing) CO United States Ragamuffin
Highlander Maine Coons (View Listing) OH United States Maine Coon
Highlandkatz (View Listing) TN United States Selkirk Rex LH, Selkirk Rex SH, Retired Adults
ICANDY (View Listing) PA United States Ragamuffin
IMPERIALRAGS (View Listing) SD United States Ragamuffin
Janipurr/Ginchika (View Listing) CA United States Japanese Bobtail, Retired Adults
Jazzy Rags RagaMuffins (View Listing) LA United States Ragamuffin
JEWELS NILE CATTERY (View Listing) Ontario Canada Egyptian Mau
JumpnSpots (View Listing) CA United States Ocicat
K&K KITIKATS (View Listing) TX United States
KaristaKats (View Listing) NJ United States Persian (General - All types), Persian - Himalayan
Karmacatz (View Listing) VA United States Devon Rex
Kasanovakatz (View Listing) CA United States Burmilla
KAYLEE (View Listing) VA United States Cornish Rex
KAZAKH (View Listing) KY United States Russian Blue
Kelskits Silver & Golden Persians (View Listing) CA United States Exotic, Persian (General - All types), Persian - Silver/Golden, Persian - Smoke/Shaded
Kender (View Listing) AZ United States Siberian
KingdomKatz (View Listing) IL United States Persian (General - All types), Persian - Himalayan
Kismet Kittens (View Listing) FL United States Persian - Particolor, Persian - Silver/Golden, Persian - Smoke/Shaded, Persian - Solid, Persian - Tabby
KITTY CAROL (View Listing) DE United States Siamese
Kitty Party Persians (View Listing) CA United States Persian (General - All types), Persian - Particolor, Persian - Solid, Persian - Tabby