Photo by Chanan
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Photo by Larry Johnson
Photo by Chanan
Photo by Larry Johnson
Russian Blue
Breed Standard
Point Score
HEAD and NECK 20

GENERAL: the good show specimen has good physical condition, is firm in muscle tone, and alert.

HEAD: smooth, medium wedge, neither long and tapering nor short and massive. Muzzle is blunt, and part of the total wedge, without exaggerated pinch or whisker break. Top of skull long and flat in profile, gently descending to slightly above the eyes, and continuing at a slight downward angle in a straight line to the tip of the nose. No nose break or stop. Length of top-head should be greater than length of nose. The face is broad across the eyes due to wide eye-set and thick fur.

MUZZLE: smooth, flowing wedge without prominent whisker pads or whisker pinches.

EARS: rather large and wide at the base. Tips more pointed than rounded. The skin of the ears is thin and translucent, with little inside furnishing. The outside of the ear is scantily covered with short, very fine hair, with leather showing through. Set far apart, as much on the side as on the top of the head.

EYES: set wide apart. Aperture rounded in shape.

NECK: long and slender, but appearing short due to thick fur and high placement of shoulder blades.

NOSE: medium in length.

CHIN: perpendicular with the end of the nose and with level under-chin. Neither receding nor excessively massive.

BODY: fine boned, long, firm, and muscular; lithe and graceful in outline and carriage without being tubular in appearance.

LEGS: long and fine boned.

PAWS: small, slightly rounded. Toes: five in front and four behind.

TAIL: long, but in proportion to the body. Tapering from a moderately thick base.

COAT: short, dense, fine, and plush. Double coat stands out from body due to density. It has a distinct soft and silky feel.

DISQUALIFY: kinked or abnormal tail. Locket or button. Incorrect number of toes. Any color other than blue. Long coat.

Russian Blue Color

COLOR: even bright blue throughout. Lighter shades of blue preferred. Guard hairs distinctly silver-tipped giving the cat a silvery sheen or lustrous appearance. A definite contrast should be noted between ground color and tipping. Free from tabby markings. Nose leather: slate grey. Paw pads: lavender pink or mauve. Eye color: vivid green.

Russian Blue Color Class Numbers

The following information is for reference purposes only and not an official part of the CFA Show Standard.

Russian Blue allowable outcross breeds: none.

Blue 500 0501
AOV None None