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Photo by Chanan
Photography by - Chanan
Breed Standard
Point Score
HEAD (25)
Broad head 5
Profile 4
Breadth between eyes 4
Ear set and placement 4
Heartshape 5
Chin and Jaw 3
EYES (15)
Size 5
Shape 5
Placement 5
BODY (25)
Body 15
Legs and Feet 5
Tail 5
COAT (10)
Short 4
Texture 3
Close lying 3
COLOR (25)
Body color 20
Eye Color 5

GENERAL: the Korat (Koh-raht) is a rare cat even in Thailand, its country of origin, and because of its unusually fine disposition, is greatly loved by the Thai people who regard it as a “good luck” cat. Its general appearance is of a silver blue cat with a heavy silver sheen, medium sized, hard-bodied, and muscular. All smooth curves with huge eyes, luminous, alert, and expressive. Perfect physical condition, alert appearance.

HEAD: when viewed from the front, or looking down from just back of the head, the head is heartshaped with breadth between and across the eyes. The eyebrow ridges form the upper curves of the heart, and the sides of the face gently curve down to the chin to complete the heartshape. Undesirable: any pinch or narrowness, especially between or across the eyes.

PROFILE: well-defined with a slight stop between forehead and nose which has a lion-like downward curve just above the leather. Undesirable: nose that appears either long or short in proportion.

CHIN and JAW: strong and well-developed, making a balancing line for the profile and properly completing the heartshape. Neither overly squared nor sharply pointed, nor a weak chin that gives the head a pointed look.

EARS: large, with a rounded tip and large flare at base, set high on head, giving an alert expression. Inside ears sparsely furnished. Hairs on outside of ears extremely short and close.

BODY: semi-cobby, neither compact nor svelte. The torso is distinctive. Broad chested with good space between forelegs. Muscular, supple, with a feeling of hard coiled spring power and unexpected weight. Back is carried in a curve. The males tend to be larger than females.

LEGS: well-proportioned to body. Distance along back from nape of neck to base of tail appears to be equal to distance from base of tail to floor. Front legs slightly shorter than back legs.

PAWS: oval. Toes: five in front and four behind.

TAIL: medium in length, heavier at the base, tapering to a rounded tip. Non-visible kink permitted.

EYES: large and luminous. Particularly prominent with an extraordinary depth and brilliance. Wide open and oversized for the face. Eye aperture, which shows as well-rounded when fully open, has an Asian slant when closed or partially closed. Undesirable: small or dull looking eyes.

COAT: single. Hair is short in length, glossy and fine, lying close to the body. The coat over the spine is inclined to break as the cat moves.

DISQUALIFY: visible kink. Incorrect number of toes. White spot or locket. Any color but silver-tipped blue.

Korat Color

COLOR: silver-tipped blue all over, the silver should be sufficient to produce a silver halo effect. The hair is usually lighter at the roots with a gradient of blue which is deepest just before the tips which are silver. Adults should be without shading or tabby markings. Allow for ghost tabby markings in kittens. Where the coat is short, the sheen of the silver is intensified. Undesirable: coats with silver tipping on only the head, legs and feet. Nose leather and lips: dark blue or lavender. Paw pads: dark blue ranging to lavender with a pinkish tinge. Eye color: luminous green preferred, amber cast acceptable. Kittens and adolescents can have yellow or amber to amber-green eyes; the color is not usually achieved until the cat is mature, usually two to four years of age.

Korat Color Class Numbers

The following information is for reference purposes only and not an official part of the CFA Show Standard.

Korat allowable outcross breeds: none.

Silver-Tipped Blue 0504 0505
AOV None None