Photo by Larry Johnson
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Photo by Chanan
Photography by - Larry Johnson
Photo by Chanan
Photo by Chanan
Khao Manee
Breed Standard
Point Score
HEAD (20)
Shape 5
Profile 5
Ear set and placement 5
Muzzle and Chin 5
EYES (15)
Size 5
Shape 5
Placement 5
BODY (30)
Body 20
Legs and Feet 5
Tail 5
COAT (15)
Length 5
Texture 10
COLOR (20)
Body color 10
Eye color 10

GENERAL: The Khao Manee is a natural breed of Thailand. They exist only in white with shimmering eye colors. Khao Manee means “Like white diamonds”. Indeed, the Thai people prized this breed for its gem-like eyes.

As the most highly regarded feline at the royal court of Siam, the Khao Manee used to be present at traditional royal ceremonies. Thai people considered them the most auspicious cat in Thailand because they believed that they had healing powers. They have sweet dispositions, although they can be shy with strangers, having lived secluded lives for centuries.

Like other native cats of Thailand, they should have characteristics suitable for the hot, wet, tropical climate, including a lithe, but not extreme, body, medium length nose (to handle hot air better than a short nose), a short smooth coat, and a muscular and athletic, but never bulky, body.

HEAD: Modified wedge, with medium width and moderate length. Viewed from the front, the face appears oval with a chiseled look and high cheekbones set along the lower curve. Tip of nose and tips of ears form points of an equilateral triangle.

PROFILE: Long, very slightly straight to convex forehead. Moderate, nearly straight profile, but with slight, straight, downhill slope from brow to just below the eyes. Nose may be slightly convex.

MUZZLE and CHIN: Medium in length and width. Muzzle break is moderate, with a rounded muzzle. Moderate chin, proportional to the nose.

EARS: Slightly large, wide at the base, oval tips, somewhat longer than width at base. Ears should point toward 11 and 1 o’clock. Ears should be well separated from each other, a bit less than an ear base width apart. Allow for light furnishings.

BODY: Medium torso. Very firm musculature, but cat should look agile and feel flexible and springy, not meaty or heavy. Males should have more muscle than females, but should not be cobby or thick-necked. Underbelly is mostly firm, level and parallel to the ground, but some loose skin on the underbelly is permissible.

LEGS: Medium to slightly long, well-proportioned to body. Front legs slightly shorter than back legs. Boning medium to slightly refined in females and slightly robust in males.

PAWS: oval in shape, medium in size. Toes: five in front and four behind.

TAIL: Medium. Proportional to the body, tapering gradually to the tip. Palpable kinks accepted and visible kinks accepted from the tip to the last third of the tail.

EYES: Slightly to moderately large and luminous. An open almond shape, with a noticeable Asian slant. Set a bit more than an eye width apart. Any eye color permissible, but must be clear and vivid.

COAT: Hair is medium short in length, fine, and slightly open; smooth enough to reveal musculature, with a sparse to moderate undercoat. Not coarse nor fluffy.

PENALIZE: Fully round eyes with no indication of an Asian slant. Small or dull looking eyes. Short, blunt muzzle or long, pointed muzzle. Straight profile. Narrow upper head or narrow space between the ears; small ears, very large pointed ears, or ears set low or high (significantly above or below 11 and 1 o’clock). Overly cobby or overly foreign body.

DISQUALIFY: Visible tail kink from base of the tail to two-thirds of the tail. Incorrect number of toes. Crossed eyes. Any color but white.

Khao Manee Color

COLOR: Pure, glistening white. A headcap of color indicating the underlying genotype may persist until 18 months of age. Nose leather and lips: pink Paw pads: pink Eye color: Brilliant, clear and vivid, the eye color should resemble that of precious gemstones. Any shade of blue (including pale blue, aqua, and blue with
red reflections), yellow (including shades of brown, copper, amber, yellow, and hazel) or green (pale peridot-like to deep emerald). Allowance and appreciation for multiple colors or shades between eyes or within an eye.

Khao Manee Color Class Numbers

The following information is for reference purposes only and not an official part of the CFA Show Standard.

Khao Manee allowable outcross breeds: none.

All Colors 8500 8501
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