Photo by Larry Johnson
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Photo by Larry Johnson
Photo by - Chanan
Havana Brown
Breed Standard
Point Score
HEAD (33)
Shape 8
Profile/Stop 8
Muzzle 8
Chin 4
Ear 5
EYES (10)
Shape & Size 5
Color 5
COLOR (22)
Coat Color 20
Paw Pads, Nose Leather & Whiskers 2

GENERAL: the overall impression of the ideal Havana Brown is a cat of medium size with a rich, solid color coat and good muscle tone. Due to its distinctive muzzle shape, coat color, brilliant and expressive eyes and large forward tilted ears, it is comparable to no other breed.

HEAD: when viewed from above, the head is longer than it is wide, narrowing to a rounded muzzle with a pronounced break on both sides behind the whisker pads. The somewhat narrow muzzle and the whisker break are distinctive characteristics of the breed and must be evident in the typical specimen. When viewed in profile, there is a distinct stop at the eyes; the end of the muzzle appears almost square; this illusion is heightened by a well-developed chin, the profile outline of which is more square than round. Ideally, the tip of the nose and the chin form an almost perpendicular line. Allowance to be made for somewhat broader heads and stud jowls in the adult male. Allow for sparse hair on chin, directly below lower lip.

EARS: large, round-tipped, cupped at the base, wide-set but not flaring; tilted forward giving the cat an alert appearance. Little hair inside or outside.

EYES: Shape: aperture oval in shape. Medium sized; set wide apart; brilliant, alert and expressive. Color: any vivid and level shade of green; the deeper the color the better.

BODY AND NECK: torso medium in length, firm and muscular. Adult males tend to be larger than their female counterparts. Overall balance and proportion rather than size to be determining factor. The neck is medium in length and in proportion to the body. The general conformation is mid-range between the short-coupled, thick set and svelte breeds.

LEGS AND FEET: the ideal specimen stands relatively high on its legs for a cat of medium proportions in trunk and tail. Legs are straight. The legs of females are slim and dainty; slenderness and length of leg will be less evident in the more powerfully muscled, mature males. Hind legs slightly longer than front. Paws are oval and compact. Toes: five in front and four behind.

TAIL: medium in length and in proportion to the body; slender, neither whip-like nor blunt; tapering at the end. Not too broad at the base.

COAT: short to medium in length, smooth and lustrous.

DISQUALIFY: kinked tail, locket or button, incorrect number of toes, any eye color other than green, incorrect color of whiskers, nose leather or paw pads.

Havana Brown Color

COLOR: a rich and even shade of warm brown throughout; color tends toward red-brown (mahogany) rather than black-brown. Nose leather: brown with a rosy flush. Paw pads: rosy toned. Whiskers: brown, complementing the coat color. ALLOW FOR GHOST TABBY MARKINGS IN KITTENS AND YOUNG ADULTS.

Havana Brown Color Class Numbers

The following information is for reference purposes only and not an official part of the CFA Show Standard.

Havana Brown allowable outcross breeds: certain limited outcrossing is permissible for the Havana Brown. Contact the CFA Central Office for details.

Brown 0408 0409
AOV 0418 0419