Membership by eligible individuals in any breed/division section may be obtained by submitting to the Central Office a completed membership application form together with the appropriate fee(s). Membership runs concurrent with each show season. Upon receipt of the membership application and fee(s), the Central Office will place the member’s name on the mailing list and, when available, the Show Rules and Show Standards will be sent to each member. Membership applications for any given year will not be accepted until May 1, or after August 1 of that year. NOTE: Membership materials will be sent starting in MAY of each year.



The annual registration fee (May 1 to April 30) shall be set by the Executive Board to help defray expenses for the operation of the Breed Council.


The Breed Council membership applications and renewals can be found online in a PDF format. In order to use these forms you will need to download a free copy of Acrobat Reader, which is available for use with all major computer platforms. The form is an interactive one, so you can type your information directly on the form and print it as a completed copy to send in to Central Office.

Breed Council Members

NOTE: Membership in a breed council is from May 1 through April 30 of each year. Effective May 1 of each year, these membership lists will be changed to show only those members for the current year. Membership materials will be sent starting in MAY of each year.

View a list of members at the links below – one sorted by individual breed, the other by member name. The membership year is noted for each entry, indicating the start year of the membership (i.e. 2023 indicates membership from May 2023-April 2024):

Procedure For Submission Of Proposals

Members forward suggestions and opinions to the elected secretary of the specific breed committee. The breed secretary will evaluate these proposals and obtain the opinions of other members of the particular breed/division section. The weight of these opinions will form the basis for an annual poll taken prior to the Executive Board meeting in February when breed standard revisions are considered.