Amendment 8

– 8 –  Sophisto Cat Club

To be considered only if the new constitution proposal does not pass.

RESOLVED: Amend the CFA Constitution, ARTICLE IV – ANNUAL AND SPECIAL MEETINGS, by adding Section 7 – Force Majeure, to grant the CFA Board of Directors the ability to implement emergency procedures in order to conduct the annual business meeting, as follows:

Section 7 – Force Majeure
If the provisions of the CFA Constitution and the CFA Articles of Incorporation, in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, cannot be met through due diligence, e.g. force majeure, the CFA Executive Board may adopt emergency measures to ensure the conduct of the Annual Meeting of the Association per Article IV and Article VI, Section 2e, Election of Officers, is accomplished. These emergency measures may include, but are not limited to, date and location of the annual meeting, the use of teleconferencing and live streaming, and the number of the proxy votes allowed per delegate to ensure a quorum to conduct the business of this Association.


RATIONALE: This amendment allows the organizational functions of CFA to continue in the face of disaster or other occurrences, which would preclude holding the annual business meeting (Annual Meeting).

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