Amendment 22

– 22 – CFA Executive Board

RESOLVED: Amend Rules for Registration© (Revised November 15, 2015), ARTICLE I – REGISTRATION, General, to affirm CFA policy that cloned cats are not eligible for registration with CFA, as follows:


General: a breed may have specific policies regarding allowable ancestry, import requirements, colors and other characteristics. Cloned cats are not eligible for registration with CFA. For complete registration information regarding a breed you may visit our website or contact Central Office.

RATIONALE: CFA policy does not provide a mechanism for registration of cats produced via cloning. Recently CFA received an inquiry regarding the acceptance of cloned cats for registration, show, and breeding. This raises a number of issues relating to the ethics of cloning pets as well as practical considerations for their registration. There are currently few legal standards regarding retail animal cloning services. In the United States the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) would provide some minimal regulation of cloning operations. But, the standards under the AWA are intended for large, commercial, animal enterprises. Caging and environmental conditions allowed by the AWA are far below what home, hobby breeders provide. There are humane concerns about cats living in small, commercial cages, being used as surrogates and discarded once they are no longer needed. CFA would also have to consider the rights of parties having an interest in the cat. Should the current owner be able to clone the cat, or should the original breeder have some rights? How many copies of a cat could be registered? Finally, there are concerns that consumers grieving over the loss of a beloved pet may be vulnerable to businesses falsely implying they can recreate the original. Cloned cats are NOT identical copies of the original cat. Even if genetically the same, gene expression will be different in the clone. For example, human fingerprints have a genetic component, but identical twins express it differently. Personality will also be different since life experiences of the clone will be different. At the present time cloning pets is still an immature and evolving business. If there is sufficient interest in registering cloned cats the matter could be revisited in the future.

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