Amendment 18

– 18 – Lilac Point Fanciers

RESOLVED: Amend Show 28.02a to rank all Champions and Premiers in top 10 or 15 finals in both their Allbreed and Specialty placements and to award points for the highest award earned in the ring, as follows:


A cat eligible for and shown in the Champion or Premier Class will compete for Grand Championship or Grand Premiership points in any type of ring, e.g. Allbreed, Longhair/Shorthair or Breed specialty as follows:

a. Any Champion or Premier placing in the top ten (or fifteen, where applicable) finals awards may receive points towards Grand Championship or Grand Premiership. For each Champion/Premier in an Allbreed final, the cat will be ranked according to both its Allbreed Champion/Premier placement and Specialty Champion/Premier placement. For each Champion/Premier in a Specialty final, the cat will be ranked according to its Specialty Champion/Premier placement. Champions/Premiers will earn points from the final according to the remainder of this rule and 28.03b, which will apply to both the Allbreed and Specialty Champion/Premier placements in an Allbreed final.

RATIONALE: The remainder of 28.02a describes the 10% decrement scoring. 28.03b states that a cat will receive points from only one award per ring, that with the most points.

Because of the pandemic and lack of shows, we had a backlog of cats trying to grand leading to large classes of champions and premiers when shows started to come back. Shows had many more champions than grands and the top 15 final placements in all the rings were heavy with champions. The same was true of the premiership class. When there are so many champions in the top 15 placements of the finals and because of our 10% decrement scoring, it is mathematically possible for the Allbreed champion placement to be worth fewer points than what the cat would have earned with it’s rank in Specialty, sometimes far less, or less even than with a purple ribbon in a large enough breed class. Our 10% decrement scoring system is very disadvantageous to large classes of champions that make top 10/15 allbreed finals.

In a class of 80 champions evenly split between LH & SH with a top 15 final made up of all champions, 11th best AB champion would receive 4 points for defeating 68 cats. This is huge reduction and an unfortunate side effect of using 10% decrements. If the cat is the 4th highest ranked SH champion, that would be worth 27 points. What value should this cat be awarded from this final?

If you ask many exhibitors, they will answer 27 points for the SH placement. We intuitively believe the cat should get the award with the highest value, and we intuitively extend the Specialty champion placements as well as the Allbreed placements in an Allbreed final. Central Office says 4 points from the AB placement, they do not recognize the extension of the specialty placements. Exhibitors and CO are both looking at rules 28.02 and 28.03 and applying them differently.

As with many rules, when there is an ambiguity it is possible to justify multiple interpretations of that rule. For some rules, we can go decades before a situation arises that hits on that ambiguity. 28.02a is ambiguous because the words allbreed and specialty do not appear anywhere in that rule, yet CO infers that 28.02a applies to only allbreed placements in allbreed finals while exhibitors infer that it applies to both allbreed and specialty placements.

According to Central Office, their interpretation is how these awards have always been scored. And while is true, it is not what exhibitors expect with how we intuitively interpret the rule. 28.02a is ambiguous, and as with any ambiguity, there are always multiple interpretations. Which interpretation is correct? The best interpretation is what the clubs and exhibitors of CFA want, and when that differs from what CO does in practice, we need to fix the ambiguity. Nobody is wrong and everybody is right, which means the board or the clubs need to correct the show rules. We are never bound by “but that’s how we have always done it.”

This proposal corrects the ambiguity by making the shows rules say what many exhibitors already believe to be true. It does not create a whole bunch of easy points for cats to get, it does not require that we adjust the 200/75 point thresholds for the grand title. The cats that will benefit from this change will have earned the points by defeating many cats.

Will this change cheapen the grand title? No, unless you believe that specialty points are cheap points, in which case why do we have specialty finals. Cats in these finals have actually defeated many other cats. In a class of 80, 11th best cat defeats 68 other cats and gets just 4 points! Awarding 27 points instead does not mean an unworthy cat is getting a bunch of unearned points. It defeated 68 other cats!

Will this cause a situation where a higher ranked cat AB-wise in the opposite specialty receives fewer points than a lower ranked cat AB-wise? That can already happen! In the example above where 11th best cat received 4 points for being 11th Best AB champion, the award falls under the exception in rule 28.02a that says 11th thru 15th champions get 5% of Best’s award. They tie at 5% because we cannot decrement further. Let’s say that 11th Best was in a breed class of at least 6 and gets the purple ribbon. That purple ribbon is worth at least 5 points which is more than the points from the higher ranked 11th thru 15th placement awards. And the show rules do award the Purple ribbon rather than the placement in the final (28.03). There are many combinations of counts that could produce the result of a lower ranked cat getting more points than a higher ranked cat because of a lopsided specialty count. This is another one of those unfortunate math side-effects of having 10% decrements. It can even happen in an SSP final for National/Regional points with lopsided specialty counts. If we want to ensure that no lower ranked cat ever gets more points than a higher ranked (AB-wise) cat, then we would have to get rid of the decrements entirely. The current scoring system makes no guarantees that the situation will not happen, it is unavoidable because of the decrements in our current scoring system.

CENTRAL OFFICE NOTE: this is essentially scoring an Allbreed ring for Specialty points and the minimum estimated cost to implement is in the range of $9,000-$13,000. An Allbreed ring will require additional scoring to determine Longhair and Shorthair placements and compared to the Allbreed placements to determine the highest point value for the Allbreed ring

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