Amendment 15

– 15 – Anthony Wayne Cat Fanciers, Champagne Cat Club, Cleveland Persian Society, Illini Cat Club, Jazz Kats, Oakway Cat Fanciers, Southeastern Michigan Cat Fanciers, Sternwheel Cat Fanciers

RESOLVED: Amend Show Rule 11.11, fourth paragraph, as follows, effective June 21, 2021:

All Adult whole males or neuters, including Household Pets and kittens, must not be placed in adjoining cages at any time. For the purposes of this rule, two corner cages at a 90 degree or greater angle to each other are considered to be adjoining cages. When benching cats or kittens in the judging ring, clerks will, where possible, attempt to accommodate reasonable requests made by exhibitors.

RATIONALE: The kitten class is defined to include those who are 4-7 months of age. That would mean that some may be just a day short of the 8 month time frame to go into the adult class. Many of our shorthaired breeds mature much before that 8 month mark and sometimes take issue with another male being in close proximity. Although the current rule allows for accommodation, this means that each clerk would need to be approached to request such an accommodation. This takes time for the clerk to record and effectuate. Chief ring clerks are already used to the requirement for other classes, so it should not be a major effort to do the same for kittens.

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