Amendment 14

– 14 – The Bengal Alliance, Almost Heaven Cat Club

RESOLVED: Amend Show Rules 11.07, 11.26.b. and 13.03, to allow cats who have left the show hall, to retain their awards from finals called after the advertised show hours, as follows:

11.07An entry must be present and available for class judging when the time for judging each entry is reached. An entry not so presented or available will be marked absent and the class will be judged as if such an entry had not been benched. In addition, for those cats marked MAb on the absentee/transfer sheets, those cats will also be marked absent even if that cat shows up to the judging ring for judging. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor or the exhibitor’s agent to see that the cat or kitten is presented for class judging when the entry number is called the first time. Only one call to the judging ring is required.

Voiding of Wins by the judge.

a. A judge must void any win, including any win in the finals, when in his opinion there is no entry with sufficient merit to receive it.

b. When an entry has been removed from the show hall and is not available to be present for a final taking place during advertised show hours for the finals, it is ineligible for a finals award. The judge must take one of the following actions:

1. The judge will void the win and leave the position open. The judge should announce that had the absent cat been present, it would have received the appropriate award; or,

2. The judge will void the win, move all lesser placing finalists up one position and select a substitute cat, which is mechanically eligible exclusive of the absent cat, for the last position (fifteenth, tenth, fifth, second or third, whichever is applicable).The judge should announce that had the absent cat been present, it would have received the appropriate award. The judge’s finals sheet will show which cat’s win was voided and which cat substituted.

c. When a final takes place after the close of advertised show hours, if a cat chosen for the final is no longer present in the show hall, the judge will hang its award on an empty cage.

In no case will a judge hang an award on an empty cage.


All benched entries with the exception of kittens, Veterans and Household Pets, must remain in the show hall until the advertised closing hour. Failure to be present may cause all awards won in that show by that entry to be voided with the following exceptions:

a. Any entry absent from rings judged after the advertised closing time of the final day of the show shall retain awards previously won but shall not be eligible for any awards made after their removal provided the show manager is noticed of the entry’s absence.

b. Entries chosen for a final that is posted after advertised show hours are eligible to retain the points for that final, even if they have left the show hall.

b. c. Household Pets may be removed at an earlier hour than the closing of the show as determined by the show manager.

RATIONALE: Exhibitors should not be penalized, forced to be present, or forfeit wins or potential finals when finals continue past the advertised ending time as printed on the show flyer, which is outlined in rule 5.01.g. Often exhibitors and judges alike have travel schedules that cannot be altered. At the very least this amendment will make show management, judges and exhibitors more focused on time constraints when planning and producing shows, and will allow exhibitors the choice of leaving the show, if finals continue past closing time, without penalty. If the club knows they are having a trainee at their show, then they can write the advertised show hours for exhibitors as needed. Clubs also have the option of having spectator show hours and exhibitor show hours advertised on their flyers. This is a part of the club’s job in providing good customer service.

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