Amendment 13

– 13 – The Bengal Alliance, Almost Heaven Cat Club

RESOLVED: Amend Show Rules 7.02, 8.03, and 28.03 to award additional Best Champion placements in class judging, as follows:

7.02The entry clerk or a designated representative is responsible for preparing the judges’ books, including those for judging Best of the Bests competitions, which shall be in numerical, but not necessarily consecutive catalog order. A minimum of two (2) lines must be left between color classes. The color class number, age (indicated in years and months) and the class for each entry must appear in the judges’ books. At least two (2) spaces should be left between each class (Champion and Grand Champion) to allow for transfers. Opens and Bronze/Silver/Gold level Champions and Premiers shall be listed as champions or premiers in the judge’s book, as applicable. Champions (including Bronze/Silver/Gold Champions) and opens competing as champions shall be listed within each color class in sequence by age, youngest to oldest. Premiers (including Bronze/Silver/Gold Premiers) and opens competing as premiers shall be listed within each color class in sequence by age, youngest to oldest. When a color class includes entries of more than one color/tabby pattern, the exact color/tabby pattern indicated on the entry form must be entered in the judges’ books unless the breed is Sphynx, in which case no color or tabby pattern will be listed in the judges’ books. At the end of each breed, the show entry clerk shall type a form for the following awards: Best of Breed/Division, Second Best of Breed/Division for Kittens, Championship and Premiership, and where necessary, Best and when applicable, additional awarded Champion/Premier of Breed/Division.

Permanent ribbon designations, ribbons, or rosettes in the color designated MUST be given for the awards listed below. If more than one type of memorial is listed, any one of the choices may be given.

Best Champ/Prem of Breed/Div	        Perm/Ribbon/Rosette	 Purple
Additional Champion of Breed/Div 	Perm/Ribbon/Rosette	 Any Color

Breed and Division Points

a. Cats which receive the award of Best and when applicable, additional awarded Champion/Premier in each of the Breeds/Divisions currently recognized for Championship/Premiership competition (see rule 30.01) will receive one Grand Championship/Premiership point for every Champion/Premier defeated within the Breed/Division in accordance with the method for calculating champions and premiers present described in 28.02a.

b. Additional Champion awards will be awarded when the number of Open/Champion entries are as follows:

0-5 Open/Champion entries: Best Champion award
6-10 Open/Champion entries: Best and 2nd Best Champion awards
11-15 Open/Champion entries: Best through 3rd Best Champion awards
16-20 Open/Champion entries: Best through 4th Best Champion awards
More than 20 Open/Champion entries: Best through 5th Best Champion awards

b. c. In all cases an entry will receive the points from only one award per ring – that which carries the most points.

RATIONALE: We are starting to see increasing numbers of cats return to the show rings in popular breeds like Maine Coons, some divisions of Persians, Cornish Rex, and Siamese. This additional placement in class would give recognition to those breeders working hard to get their cats out in numbers and award grand points to those cats that may not make a final and encourage people to continue to show their cats beyond the champion title.

CENTRAL OFFICE NOTE: the minimum estimated cost to implement the additional champion awards is in the range of $11,000-$14,000. The scoring software, the software to score the International Cat Show (currently the additional placements are for breed, not necessarily champion) and the entry clerk software
(to produce the additional placement lines in judge’s books and the catalog) will need to be modified. Printed show forms (master clerk and judge forms) will need to be modified and printed (minimal cost).

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