Amendment 11

– 11 –  Ocicats International, New England Meow Outfit, The Crafty Cat, Maine Street Cat Club, Central Carolina Cat Fanciers, Texoma Cat Fanciers, New Vision Cat Club, Emerald Coast Cat Fanciers, Inc., Siouxland Cat Fanciers, Show and Tell Cat Club, Rebel Rousers Cat Club, Keystone Cat Fanciers.

RESOLVED: In order to allow the Breeds and Standards Chairs to correct grammatical, spelling and typographical errors within breed standards, amend the CFA Constitution, ARTICLE XI – BREED COUNCIL STANDING RULES, Section BREED COUNCIL SECRETARY, Vacancies, section 1, paragraph 2, as follows:

Notwithstanding the fact that the Councils shall serve the Executive Board in an advisory capacity, the Executive Board shall not alter or amend any part of the standards for any breed, or add thereto, without first obtaining (within the prior 12 months) the approval of 60% of the members voting of the specific Breed Council(s) affected, with the following exceptions: The Breeds and Standards committee as appointed by the president may make changes which do NOT affect a breed standard, without having it voted on as a ballot item. These changes are limited to grammatical, capitalization, tense, typographical mistakes and misspellings. The committee may not change existing terminology or descriptions of any breed. Any changes will be presented to the Breed Council Secretary for approval and then ratified by the board. In the event of disapproval of either Breed Council Secretary or board, the issue may be sent as a ballot item to the breed council at the next regular balloting period. An unmarked item on an otherwise valid breed council ballot is an abstention, and an abstention does not count as a member voting for purposes of calculating 60%.

RATIONALE: Our breed standards have evolved over several decades and many have significant grammatical, capitalization, tense, typographical mistakes, and misspellings, making them appear extremely unprofessional. These documents are official publications, represent the face of CFA and are referenced by the general public as well as the media. By allowing the Breeds and Standards Committee to correct the above-listed types of errors in a systematic way, we will improve our overall image without inundating the breed council with ballot items and overwhelming the system. We also create a process to maintain the quality of documentation over time for future committees, while guaranteeing the integrity and content of the standards remain unchanged by requiring a two-step review and approval of both the elected breed council secretary and the elected Board of Directors.

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