Amendment 10

– 10 –  Sophisto Cat Club

To be considered only if the new constitution proposal does not pass.

RESOLVED: Amend ARTICLE VI – OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS, Section 2 – Elections, paragraph b., and ARTICLE IX – INTERNATIONAL, paragraph d. to read as follows:


Section 2 – Elections
b. Eligibility to Vote. In order to be eligible to vote, a club must be in good standing as of February 1 of the year in which the election is held. Additionally, only clubs assigned to a particular region shall be eligible to vote for the Regional Director for that region. Although International Division members member clubs will not vote for a Regional Director, they are eligible to vote for officers and Directors-at-Large if they hold a licensed CFA show within the previous show season. As used in the paragraph the previous show season shall mean the show season ending immediately preceding the election.


d. Provisions of Article IV, Section 3 and Section 4 apply to member clubs in the International Division. Notwithstanding any of the provisions of Article IV of this Constitution, only those ‘International Members’ holding a licensed CFA show within the previous show season will be entitled to be a delegate and cast a vote at any annual or special meeting of members. Only those ‘International Members’ qualifying for entitlement to vote will be counted in computing the number of members required or members present for quorum purposes at a meeting of members.

RATIONALE: The original provisions were written and accepted at the 1998 Annual Meeting, twenty-three (23) years ago. Our member clubs in the International Division are full partners in CFA and deserve to be recognized as such. Many clubs in the International Division have been disenfranchised by national COVID-19 restrictions and by the restrictions on show production placed on all member clubs by the CFA Board of Directors in order to try to protect our cat fancy during this pandemic.

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