Amendments and Resolutions

The following amendments and resolutions have been pre-noticed for voting at the Annual Meeting.   A PDF combining all these proposals is available as well.

Click on any issue for a detailed description of the proposal, and an associated discussion forum.

NOTE: The following resolution (formerly #21) will be the first item considered due to the high level of importance for correct and current information in this document. All other pre-noticed items have NOT been renumbered and are still identified numerically as in previously published documents.

Amended Certificate of Incorporation

Deleted text is shown with a strike-through and new text is underscored. Unless otherwise stated any Show Rule changes are effective at the beginning of the next show season.

At the Board’s request, information pertaining to the cost to implement resolutions have been provided by the Central Office after the rationale, if applicable.

  1. New Kitten Winner title
  2. Additional champion placements in class judging
  3. Allow final awards after advertised show hours
  4. Include kittens in the rule requiring males to be separated
  5. Additional CH/PR placements based on entry counts
  6. Allow transfer to grand once meeting point requirement, without having to meet qualifying rings
  7. Rank all CH/PR in final for both AB and SP points, awarding highest value
  8. Allow opens/CH/PR to earn grand points when defeating a GC/GP
  9. Remove 5% decrements in scoring calculation

Deleted text is shown with a strike-through and new text is underscored.  Any non-show rule resolutions only become effective if/when adopted by the CFA Board and effective on such date as the Board may set.

  1. Cloned cats not eligible for registration
  2. Reduce male DM requirement from 15 offspring to 10