March 2023

Ballot Links Emailed

The emails with the personalized links to vote online for CFA Directors-At-Large were emailed to club secretaries of eligible clubs on Tuesday, March 23.

If you are a club secretary for a club eligible to vote and did not receive the email, please check your Spam folder for the email and if it’s not there either, contact Amber Goodright,, to have the link resent.

You can also view a current list of all ballots received.

Declared Candidates

Declarations are now closed for the directors-at-large positions.  The final candidates are:

Upcoming Deadlines

Delegate Information – Eligibility & Deadlines

Delegate Info (for online filing):

* May 1, 2023 – Provide delegate information online by this date or send completed delegate forms to the Central Office postmarked, faxed or emailed (11:59 EDT) no later than this date. Otherwise the club’s delegate will not be able to participate in voting at the Annual Meeting. Check online here to confirm the delegate information for your club has been received:

* May 4, 2023 – Club fees and membership lists must be RECEIVED in the Central Office no later than this date for a club to be eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting. In addition to the fee and membership list requirement, a delegate form must be filed in a timely fashion as noted above. Here is a link to the updated list of club dues paid and membership lists received

* For International Division (ID) Clubs ONLY – in addition to the club fees and membership list requirement, only those ID clubs holding a licensed CFA show within the previous show season (May 1, 2022-April 30, 2023) will be able to vote at the Annual Meeting.

Amendments & Resolutions Submission Deadline: April 17, 2023 – Any CFA member club wishing to submit a proposed amendment(s) to CFA’s Constitution and/or a resolution(s) to be considered at the 2023 Annual, must submit them to be RECEIVED by Central Office no later than Monday, April 17, 2023. Please send amendments/resolutions as a Word file via email to Allene Tartaglia,, and the CFA Secretary Rachel Anger, Submit proposals in the form of “underline/strike out” so that the section amended appears in its entirety with the parts to be deleted in strike out (line through print) and the parts to be added underlined.